Crystal nail files main features

Crystal nail files have lifetime guaranty and are safe to use

Table of contents:
-    What’s so special about crystal nail file?
-    Where to buy them?
-    Detailed main features.
-    Hot to take care of your file and clean it?

•    What’s so special about crystal nail file?

They do not damage your nails – ideal nail care tool.
They are easy to clean – a pro for personal hygiene.
They have a lifelong guarantee on the filling surface – which will never wear off.

crystal nail file manicure

•    Where to buy crystal nail files?

Use our e-shop to buy them. We have sets of both crystal manicure nail files and pedicure foot files on our e-shop. When properly used Czech made crystal nail file will replace all other types of files.

To buy crystal nail files wholesale just contact us by email.

•    Detailed main features of crystal manicure nail files?

Use only Czech made ones, other manufacturers can’t guaranty all these features, due to Czech glass speciality and technology used in making the filing surface.

Health – thanks to its filling surface, crystal nail file does not harm your nail and actually prevent nails from splitting. Healthy nails are very important to overall personal hygiene.

Hygiene – crystal nail file is water-resistant, so it’s doesn’t absorb moisture from nails and hands. It can be easily sterilized by usual methods, to prevent infections or fungus spreading. Read more how to clean your file here. These features are particularly important, for professionals, who work in beauty salons, serving several clients a day.

glass nail files color rainbow

Durability – multiple increasing of firmness, reached due to using technology of ion exchange. The Czech glass is hardened, and in production process we again temper the files to make sure that our files will never break in everyday day use.

Longevity – glass nail file will last all life. You don’t have to by second glass nail file, unless you want to give them as a gift or buy yourself a set of them. This became possible due to special glass processing.

Safety – ends of the files are sanded up by hand, to prevent cuttings. Due to specific features of Czech glass and it’s processing, even if you break the file you will never cut yourself, because all broken pieces will be big enough without bevels. 

Functionality – glass nail files can be used as a present for yourself or for close one, at same time it is a professional tool for nail care, souvenir from foreign trips, promotional item for corporate actions, tool that coarse skin from your feet, or even nail care tool for your pet.

crystal nail files clear

Note: for coarse skin procedures we recommend to use 195mm pedicure foot file and Scraper glass foot file.

Read more about glass nail file on our website. Click one to link to see a list of people reviewing nail files.

•    How to take care of your file and clean it?

Try to wash you file to remove the nail dust on it, and it will be like new again. Carry them in protective cases (suede or plastic) to prevent unexpected brake. Try not to drop it on a hard surface. More on how to take care of a file is available on our blog.

You can clean you file under warm water, with a sponge if you prefer. Other methods, like extra hot water, infrared lamp, autoclave or detergents are mostly used by professionals in nail salons.

•    Why pick us?

We are Mont Bleu, manufacturer of the Czech crystal nail files, who works with wholesalers and retailers, but you can buy our products for personal use as well on our e-shop, or from one of our distributors.

Quality – is out main aim. With our files, you can be secure, that all described features, are not just words, but characteristics tried-and-true.

Efficiency – 90% of out products are on stock, and we are ready to send it within 3 days. Production and packaging placed really vantage from each other, which allows not delaying producing of special orders.

Range – biggest assortment on the market; starting from simple clear to exclusive nail files with gold and silver, made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Definitely, you will get a product for your customers or yourself.

Swarovski crystal nail files

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