Crystal Jewelry from Bohemia

Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Table of contents:
-    Details about products.
-    Bracelets
-    Crystal Earrings
-    Rings
-    Pendants
-    Wood brooches
-    Hair barrettes
-    Hair pins
-    Other groups of products.
-    Where to buy?


This is a brand new line of products that Mont Bleu makes. There are simple and luxury crystal jewelry presented here.

Mont Bleu keeps Bohemian tradition in making jewelry, hair accessories or crystal nail files. Our main office is located in Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of the historic Bohemia region.

We use high metal covered with rhodium, silver and wood as base in our Bohemian jewelry, then we decorate them with crystals from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Swarovski crystal jewelry

•    Details about products.


Braceletsmetal bracelets covered with rhodium (which is anti-allergic), and Swarovski crystals. Mont Bleu hand work, personal touch with precise position and top quality.

Crystal Earringsmetal earrings covered with rhodium and Swarovski crystals, lots of colors and shapes. Unique wood earrings with lots of shiny crystals | hand made by Mont Bleu.

Swarovski crystal earrings

Ringssimple metal crystal rings, fashion “Bouquet” rings, luxury “Design” rings, wood rings, there is plenty to choose from when we talk about Mont Bleu rings. We use only quality materials, including Swarovski crystals, when we make our fabulous rings. Each item is hand made with care by Mont Bleu in Prague.

Pendantssimple metal pendants with one Swarovski crystal either on metal chain, or pendants that consist of superior Swarovski crystals and leatherette band. Wood pendants covered with crystals are also presented here, but they do not include a band in the set.

Wood Broocheshand crafted unique designed wood brooches hand decorated with Swarovski crystals, variety of popular colors makes these brooches a certain choose as gift.

Jewelry Sets can be made by combining matching pendant, ring, bracelet and earrings.

Hair Barrettesmade of wood, jeweled with wonderful Swarovski crystals that shine in hundreds of edges. Hair barrettes from Mont Bleu are ultimate glamour hair accessory.

Swarovski crystal hair pins

Hair pinsmetal covered with rhodium, Swarovski crystal, a very simple combination, but when you make an effort such a simple piece can be transformed in jewelry.

Both hair pins and barrettes are part of hair accessories group on our website.


•    Where to buy?

Buy one of our crystal jewelry on our official e-shop, to send wholesale inquiry, please contact us.


•    Other groups of products.

Swarovski crystal nail files

If you are looking for perfect nail care tool, check our Color glass nail files or Swarovski crystal nail files.

beauty tools

Mont Bleu can offer plenty of other hand decorated items; check them in Luxury gifts and Luxury beauty tools.