Exclusive glass nail files

Swarovski, hand painted, Zodiac crystal nail files

Table of contents:
-    What is an Exclusive line?
-    Details about nail files in this line:
-    Limited Edition
-    Luxury designs
-    Simple designs
-    Letters
-    Hand painted
-    Foot
-    Silver Zodiac
-    Cutting
-    Other lines.
-    Where to buy?

•    Exclusive line.

Exclusive line is the second most popular line in our assortment, after the Classic line and it includes mostly hand decorated types of files, except the 3D label files.

Whether it is hand painting or Swarovski decoration, Exclusive line is always a meticulous hand work of our decorators and fantastic imagination of our designers, who tries to place both the idea and beauty on a small surface of glass nail file handle.

crystal nail files

Besides hand painted and Swarovski, we also have nail files adorned with silver Zodiac figurines, or traditional Bohemian decoration technique called “Cutting”, or a combination of several like the Foot file, which includes both sandblasting and Swarovski decoration.

We use only genuine crystals from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Most of our nail files carry a hologram stating that the files are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

If you are worried about Swarovski crystals holding on the surface of the glass file handle, then don’t be. Due to improved technology of ultraviolet processing and use of glue which we created together with a German specialist company, we guarantee that Swarovski crystals will not fall in everyday usage.

Every single crystal nail file from Exclusive line comes in a black velvet sleeve, except the “Cutting” and 3D label files.

What Classic and Exclusive lines have in common is that all files share the same great advantages over emery boards or metal nail files, like all Mont Bleu Czech made glass nail files.

•    Detailed description.

glass nail files

Limited edition – up to 46 crystals can be used on one of the designs in this group of files. Ideal quality of Mont Bleu glass nail file combined with elegant patterns, puzzled from famous Swarovski crystals. Glass nail files from this category require concentrated hand work and a limited amount of them can be made each day.

swarovski crystal nail files

Luxury designs – perfect combination of price, amount of crystals used in design and variety of colors, so everyone can find something on its taste. Luxury group includes these designs of crystal nail files in clear, black, white and color variations: Waterfall, Constellation, Bubbles, Shining, Comet, and Wave. And introducing you new type and design Elegant nail files.

crystal nail files

Simple designs – these glass nail files, require less time for decoration, and cost less than files in Luxury group, but still remain elegant and beautiful. Different sizes of Swarovski strass being used in decoration. Simple group includes these designs: Big Stones, Morse, Flower, “F” series.

initials crystal nail files

Letters – or Alphabet, or Initials, or Personalized files, or you can call them whatever you want, it won’t change that it’s a letter inlaid with Swarovski rhinestones. Character can be from Cyrillic, Latin and any other alphabet, letter from which will fit the handle of the file. Design is available on transparent or colored glass. Letters are made only on request and not stocked on daily basis.

hand painted glass nail files

Hand Painting – different types reflects individual style of artist. There are three absolutely different trends: exclusive painting, design painting, Rococo. Also we can supply hand painted files decorated with Swarovski crystals. Crystals make already beautiful hand painting more exquisite.

foot crystal nail files

Foot – sandblasted design decorated with Swarovski stones. The sandblasted design is made in a form of a footstep. This design is available only on 195mm/7.68 inches glass foot file, which is made for home pedicure.

zodiac glass nail files

Silver Zodiac – astrological signs from western calendar made of silver and Swarovski rhinestones adorn the nail files. All 12 Zodiac signs (Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn) are available only on 135mm/5.32 inches crystal nail files. On request we can make them on color files.

promo souvenir glass nail files

3D label – is a file with a sticker on its handle that has a stereoscopic effect. This type of decoration is exceptionally great for marketing efforts or for souvenir shops.

Cuttingglass nail file decorated with traditional Czech engrave technique, widely known because of the history of Bohemian glass and crystal. This style is available on 3mm thick glass files.

•    Other lines we have in our assortment.

color glass nail files

Classic glass nail files – original nail files that we introduced, including the best sellers like Clear and Color files.

jewelled crystal nail files

Jewellry crystal nail files – exquisite nail files made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS and silver, gold bronze and semiprecious stones.

•    Where to buy our files?

If you are a wholesaler or retailer, or interested to buy our files in bulk to resell them, please contact us now for a quote and more information on the ordering process.

To buy them for you or as a gift use our e-shop.