Eredeti üveg körömreszelők

Színtelen, színes és díszített üveg körömreszelők, cseh edzésű üvegből

Classical line includes all the major types and forms of nail files in transparent or painted glass. Simple beauty of transparent nail files is presented in velvet packing. On the other hand, variety of different colors looks perfect in a transparent packing. Includes nail files of all sizes and is decorated with application of various design methods.

Sandblasting - A wide range of projects may be made with application of this method, for ex., zodiac, and pictures of flowers, animals and inscriptions or emblems of companies.

Crystal Glass Interior

Back print - For logotypes and company names. Commercial or promotional items haven’t been simpler and sweeter.

Hand painting - Simple designs to make transparent glass nail files more sweet and beautiful.

glass nail files czech republic

Logotypes - logo or name of your company or firm can be engraved onto the glass nail file with the help of background printing or sandblasting. Both the options look beautiful and will deliver your logotype in its original form.

Transparent - nail files in their original form.

Color Rainbow - The color range is quite wide with one or two colors applied.