Cseh gyártmányú üveg körömreszelők

Üveg körömreszelők előállítási folyamata a Cseh Köztársaságban

The latest high technologies are used for production of glass nail files. Most of the production devices were developed in our own department of research and development.

Firmness achieved right in the structure of raw material prevents the fall of abrasive grains, which occur to other types of nail files.

The quality of abrasive surface guarantees an outstanding capacity even on the relatively thin surface. The typical shape of nail file is achieved through traditional manual disintegration. The final operation is fastened with usage of ion-exchange method, which guarantees durability of the nail files.

glass fingernail file


1. The nail files of virtually all the motives and designs may have different sizes: 70 mm, 90 mm, 115 mm, 135 mm, 155 mm, 185 mm, 195 mm. Our stock sizes are 90mm (small) glass nail files, 135mm (middle) glass nail files and 195mm (large) glass nail files. Other sizes are available for big orders.

2. The nail files for professionals and beauty saloons:

For manicure the nail files are made from glass of 3 mm thickness, which provides high firmness. In order to attain the maximal possible comfort and service - the nail files are made with unilateral cover to protect the finger skin of the person making the manicure.

For pedicure the nail files are made from a thicker glass - 4 mm.

3. It is possible to make a nail file of totally your design.

4. Various kinds of packing: PVC (transparent or colorful cover), Velvet (burgundy, black or blue), Blister (basic information for purchasers plus bar-code on cardboard package).

5. Special stands for glass nail files with “Nail File - Swarovski Components” label are available for shops and boutiques. There can be large, middle or small size stands.