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Az egyetlen igazán örökké megmaradó körömreszelő

The idea of using glass for producing nail files is over 50 years old and initially the idea came from Switzerland, where it was primarily patented. The process of production applied nowadays is grounded on totally different technologies and exactly for this reason the modern glass nail files are products of the highest quality.

The raw material for nail production - Czech glass does not contain any harmful substances. The Czech State Institute of Health in Prague certifies our products. In accordance with this certification, our glass nail files meet the Health and Safety requirements.

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A perfect instrument for taking care of the natural and artificial nails. Thanks to a special technology, we have achieved equally soft and harsh surfaces. In combination with particularities of the raw material, this ensures outstanding features, which are almost impossible to achieve in other kinds of nail files. We pay the highest attention to quality and accuracy of the production process. The main part of production is manual work applying traditional methods, owing to which we are able to govern constant quality checks throughout

the entire process of production. Final checks of quality guarantee the highest standard of quality for our products. We offer the products, which yield the most splendid of all from the glaziers in the production of glass nail files and craft of a country, which is proud of its centuries-old experience in the traditional glass production.

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Nail files may be very effective as a gift for close people or a corporate gift, particularly when the nail file is decorated by the company’s emblem, symbol or different decorative pictures and crystals.