Hair care around the world

Let’s talk hair, I mean hair care.
Recently I received nice compliment about my shiny hair. Person, who did that, asked if I use special hair treatment like masks or argan oil.

Right now I have to make a confession: I do not use any special DIY or high-end masks, it was a spontaneous decision. It was a long way full of mistakes and bad results.  I did go crazy about Moroccan oil, Mystic oil, SLS free hair care line etc.  But at the end I realized the “simple is best”.

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Wordless Wednesday

I know I’m not supposed to put any words, but I wanted to say sorry. Sorry, my poor neglected blog. I won’t be doing this…well you know it’s holiday season and we have a lot fun things going around. Beauty Advent Calendar, Black Friday Sales and something totally new in our glass nail files section which I hopefully would be able to show you very soon.

In a meantime,please enjoy holiday mood and picture of :

Top 10 Ways to Achieve Great Skin Health (That Really Work!)

The following article is a guest submission provided by lovely M.

So, summer is over and you have no vacation to dream about, well not until this time next year right? Have you come back sun kissed, full of freckles and already starting to peel? Or is your skin suffering because you were out every night drinking crazy amounts of sangria and eating junk food until you threw up? Whatever the problem, I’m sure I can help you if you just read the following simple steps.
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Unsual gifts for unusuals

Hello everyone,

It’s Wednesday and I’m going to ramble about gifts.  Gift- it’s one of the way of expressing your feelings, showing your friends, relatives how much you care about them.  Well, close ones also could be animals. You can love your pet as much as you love your cousin or even more. That’s why some of celebrities don’t miss a chance to spoil their pets.
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