Once more about perfect eyebrows

If eyes are mirror of the soul, so eyebrows are its frame. And frame supposed to be ideally perfect.

So we use waxing, plucking, and trimming and so on to make those eyebrows perfect. Well, the most common way to do your eyebrows is to pluck them with tweezers.

I discovered 3 types of tweezers, which was sort of a surprise for me. Because by naïve I thought that there is only one simple type of eyebrow tweezers, obviously I was wrong.

Tweezers with thin tip- mostly used in beauty salons, because you need a lot of patience and skill to handle that one, specially designed for plucking ingrown, small and fine hairs.

Tweezers with square tip- I would recommend using on men’s eyebrows, because the big enough tip allows plucking coarse thick hair or based on my own experience good for plucking more then one hair at time; all of us know about irritating, annoying almost transparent hair around eyebrows, and it depends only on lightning if you notice them or not, so from time to time you could look like Wookiee.

Tweezers with slant tip- this one is best to handle, it gives a maximum control over your shaping process. And it’s good for young or not young novices, I remember myself using my mom’s strange tool, for first time, what can I say it could’ve been worse.

Almost forgot about two more types, one is actually subtype and the other one is from totally different types on beauty tools;
Led light tweezers- mostly they come with slant tip, and I would say it is good fro someone with bad eye vision, not more then that.

Scissors tweezers- what can I add, good fro handling wouldn’t slip out of your hand, but if you have more then average size fingers- it will hurt to use for longer time

You can choose any of them depending on your needs and skills. Mont Bleu’s assortment consists of stainless steel tweezers with slant tip, including decorated once with Swarovski crystals, or rubbered for better handling.

How to tweeze your brows perfectly and get the perfect look

Well at least it’s what they say in the beauty salons.  Since very early beginnings humans were trying to “correct” eyebrows. Ancient Chinese warriors used to dye their eyebrows, so the face expression will scarify their enemies.  Ancient Egyptians use a lot of make up tools and tricks, we use nowadays including tweezers and wax depilation.  During the cruel time of inquisition, when everything was prohibited including physical attractiveness, women had to shave their foreheads, pluck eyebrows and eyelashes.
In Central Asia, women still dye their eyebrows with surma (type of vegetable) to grow them, and make darker, of course they use different types of tweezers to pluck.
Today most common way is to use tweezers to shape eyebrows, and get a look you want to. Suggestion is that first you use help of professionals to shape and enhance, and then just to follow the line and pluck hairs growing out of shape.

Mont Bleu has a large assortment of tweezers for you to use. All of tweezers made of stainless steel, with rubbed surface to prevent slipping. Any color, any shape, any amount of swarovski crystals, we have almost everything.

tweezers from stainless steel wiht Swarovski crystals