How to apply face cream.

When it comes to our faces it’s always complicated; first you need to find the perfect cream. After thousands of fails finally you did it; your perfect cream is placed proudly on your beauty shelf.   From day to day you applying it onto your face, yet somehow you can’t see positive results.  Well, you know what, before starting to blame producers and others, think twice, maybe it’s you who is doing something wrong.
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Skin care and makeup routine.

This post is sort of continuation of my last year entry about Everyday face and skin care routine.  But this time I want to tell you more about my makeup routine; I know many of you are so well equipped and trained and you don’t need more than 10 minutes to get ready for your busy day. Unfortunately that’s not me.  It takes me hour, sometimes even hour and a half to get ready.

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8 must-eat foods for healthy hair and skin.

We are what we eat.  Sometimes even before getting a salon treatment, think of your ration. But vegetables, fruits and spices should be presented not only in your menu, but also in your beauty regimen.  Make your body a favor: include these 8 products into your shopping list and don’t forget to visit beauty counters to get some creams, masks and shampoos with these ingredients.
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6 easy steps to prepare your skin to winter

Lovely summer has left, and rainy autumn is already around us.  Sunny days become rare, it rains often and we are trying to stay inside as much as we can. But due to our stay indoor, skin suffers not less than from cold or hot temperatures.  During the summer it pined from hot sun and dry air, well there is much drier season coming-winter.  To prevent seasonal skin issues, I have few advices for you. Continue reading