Daily beauty routine. The basics.

How do we start our day? What do we do when we get out from the bed?

Some probably directly head their toes to the kitchen to start making breakfast for one, two or maybe even more persons. Some might go to the bathroom, to take shower first and only after they might have cup of coffee.

Daily beauty routine

Daily beauty routine

But when it comes to the beauty routine usually steps appear to be more or less similar.

  • Refreshing
  • Moisturizing
  • Applying makeup or not
  • Cleansing
  • Nourishing
  • Moisturizing

For morning ritual specialist recommend to use tonic or miscelar water just to freshen up (this of course if you washed your face evening before) which make sense why would you scrub and peel your face in the morning.

Then comes moisturizing (this word you should remember as mantra), carefully apply it all over your face and neck excluding your eye area (you should have separate cream for this sensitive and thin skin area) and don’t’ forget about sunscreen if you moisturizer comes without SPF.

Makeup depends on person, that’s all I can say, every women has her own makeup trick, styles etc.

Cleansing; this process is one of most time consuming (if you do it right) processes after applying makeup.  First you have to remove all makeup products using gentle removers for eye area and again depending on your skin type, personal favors you could use gel washes, milk washes, soap or just plain water with facial brush.  You can include scrubs as once or twice a week; do not over rub your face (you end up with pimples and irritated skin).

As nourishing a lot of brands offer serums, light weighted immediate boos for your skin. And final step before going to bad is to apply night moisturizers; these usually come in thicker formula than day ones.

That is very general, you say, but prove me wrong :).

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