6 Easy Ways To Do Nail Art

Nail Art

Nail Art

Nail art is a good way of complimenting your outfit or even displaying your creativity. On most occasions, nail professionals will be left to do most of nail artwork, but there are some that you can create by yourself using the following simple ways:

1. Using a tape to create a diagonal shape

Diagonal Shape Nail Art

Diagonal Shape Nail Art

You will first have to apply a base coat on your nails and leave them to dry. After that, take a piece of scotch tape and place it diagonally on your nails ensuring that you rub down to make it stick well. After that, you can apply any color of nail polish carefully one nail at a time. Just make sure that you pull the tape off carefully in the direction of the nail polish to get a clean line. After that, apply a top coat to protect the nails and the polish.

2. Using a bobby pin to create polka dots

Polka dot nail art

Polka dot nail art

It can work well with contrasting colors, for instance, white polka dots on red nail polish or black polka dots on gold nail polish. You need to apply a base coat; always the first step when applying any form of nail polish. After that apply the red, gold or any nail polish of your choice then leave it to dry off completely. After that, dip the rounded part of a bobby pin in the other nail polish and apply carefully each nail making sure that the dots are spaced evenly. A top coat is then applied to protect your nails.

3. Using glitter to create nail gradient art

Glitter gradient nail art

Glitter gradient nail art

Apply a top coat then apply a pink, yellow or any other bright nail polish. After that, apply glitter nail polish on half of the nail ensuring that the amount of glitter fades as it heads towards half of the nail. After that apply a top coat and then leave it to dry.

4. Use gold sharpie to make different kinds of nail art designs

Gold Sharpie nail art

Gold Sharpie nail art

Sharpies are nail art tools that come in different colors the major ones being gold and silver. Gold creates a more chic and elegant look and can work well for different nail polishes. You can only apply it after your nail polish has completely dried up. You can create patterns, metallic strips, love hearts, or whatever you want in order to create nail artwork.

5. Create a gradient by using a sponge

Sponge gradient nail art

Sponge gradient nail art

You will need two colors that clash or that compliment, a plastic sheet, sponge, and toothpicks. You can use any sponge or a foil for a plastic sheet. Follow the steps below when making the nail art

• Use the lightest color to paint your nails and let it dry completely

• Put the plastic sheet on top of a flat surface then paint a generous amount of both colors next to each other. Just make sure that their edges touch each other.

• Use a toothpick to mix the two colors at the point where the meet. The part where they mix determines how long the graduation will be, so a long graduation will require you to mix a larger section of the colors. However, for a less fade, mix only a tiny bit.

• Use the sponge to dab directly on the polish a few times.

• After that, dab the sponge on your nail lightly while moving it lightly up and down. Repeat the process as many times as possible making sure that the layer dries completely before dabbing again.

• Apply a top coat and clean the excess using a brush that has been dipped in acetone.

6. Creating a half moon using reinforcement stickers

Half moon nail art

Half moon nail art

You will need two nail polish colors. Apply one color, for instance, gold and leave it to dry. After that put the reinforcement sticker on a third of the nails, then apply the other polish. After that pull it off carefully and apply a top coat.

7. Extra tip – Use quality nail art tools

Crystal Nail File

Crystal Nail File

Among them is a glass nail file to shape your nails, and other manicure tools.

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9 Effortless Tips on How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

Nails are crucial especially for women. However, at times they may grow so slowly and make one to be devastated. Well, some things you may be doing or not doing are causing your nails to grow at a very slow pace. We will look at some of the habits, products, and dietary changes that can help your nails to grow faster.

1. Practice good nail maintenance

Nails grow

Nails grow

Your nails ought to be cared for just like the face. If you leave them to get jagged, they become weak and eventually break. Therefore, it is imperative to keep them clean and well manicured. Always shape them correctly with a nail file ensuring that you follow the right mechanism to prevent ripping them. Also, buff the surface to ensure that they are always in good shape.

2. Stop nail biting

Women biting nails

Women biting nails

Nail biting is a problem that many people have, and it prevents nails from growing. Well, if you find it hard to stop, you can buy products from drugstores that you apply on the nails to prevent biting. Other than that, visit a professional manicurist to help you remove gel nails instead of ripping them as that makes the nails weaken.

3. Avoid using harsh products on your nails

Clean hands

Clean hands

Harsh products have a tendency of weakening your nails making them break over time. Always go for non-toxic nail polish and remover and wear gloves whenever it is necessary that you handle strong chemicals and detergents. It is also important to wear gloves when washing utensils as dish soap can cause the nails to dry and hence making them break.

4. Wear strengthening nail polish



There are different drug stores and cosmetic shops that sell nail strengthener polish. Look for one that is clear and has nutrients contents that help in promoting nail growth.

5. Carry out activities that make blood circulate

Yoga blood circulate

Yoga blood circulate

When blood flows to all parts of the body including the nails, they grow faster. You can start by exercising and use your hands carefully for different activities like knitting. Other activities like typing, gardening or playing tennis helps in improving blood circulation in your hands.

6. Eat plenty of proteins

Protein food

Protein food

Nails consists of proteins and so it is important to improve the protein content in them by taking more proteins. Eat a diet that has fish, pork, beef, poultry, as well as vegetable proteins like beans and green grams to build our nails. Other excellent sources of protein include eggs and nuts especially for vegetarians who cannot eat meat, fish or pork for proteins.

7. Add vitamins to your diet



Apart from proteins, vitamins can also help in nail growth. Vitamins C, D and A are useful for ensuring healthy fast growth of nails. Chia Oil Gel is suitable for nail growth; it has chia oil that is mixed with some amount of Vitamin E. Applying it daily on your nails and rubbing it in will significantly improve nail growth. For Vitamin D, take lots of dairy products like milk while for Vitamin C eat kale, spinach, kiwi, and oranges. Foods that contain Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, and any other orange vegetables.

8. Stop dieting

Stop dieting

Stop dieting

Dieting is a great way of losing weight but on the other side; it causes the slow growth of nails. In case you have been dieting, and you notice that your nails are not growing, it may be because you are restricting many calories. First, look at your diet and ensure that all the necessary nutrients more so proteins are included. Also, eat whole vegetables and fruits instead of diet bars to get the calories that you need. In case you are a vegetarian, you will have to eat vegetable proteins like legumes to supplement your meals for healthy growth of nails.

9. Use quality glass nail files

Glass nail file

Glass nail file

It’s proven that glass nail files are better for your nails. Due to the nature of their filing surface, glass nail files tent to remove even the smallest cracks and splits on the nail. It helps nails become stronger and firmer. Get quality glass nail files here: www.design-glassware.com

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3 Best Nail Shapes for Fat Fingers

Nails always have a way of displaying your personality, and so they should be kept neat and polished always. Apart from nail polish, it is imperative to get the right nail shape that flatters your nails and fingers. Well, there are five basic nail shapes that people go for: round, square, oval, squoval and almond. Nonetheless, not all these shapes will flatter the nails of those with fat fingers. The below three nail shapes should be adopted by anyone who has fat fingers, as they create the illusion of long slim fingers:

The Squoval

Squoval on the right

Squoval on the right

The squoval shape is a conventional square almost the length of square nail whose edges are in an oval. The shape adds versatility, allowing short and wide nail beds to have length without looking oversized. The squoval shape is easy to maintain and aids in preventing breaking of nails. Anyone with an active lifestyle can adopt it especially if you have little time to do maintenance on a regular basis.

You can create this look by filing the nails into a square ensuring that the sidewalls are straight. After that, tilt the nail file beneath the corners and file evenly. The process will take the sharp corners of leaving a smooth round shape. Bear in mind that it is only the sharp tips at the sidewalls that should be filed to create a soft curve without getting rid of the square tip.

The Almond

Almond nails

Almond nails

It is not such a popular shape, but it is more adventurous than squoval, ovals, and square shapes. The shape is suitable for fat fingers since it creates length and has a slender effect on hands. Nonetheless, note that, this nail shape should be adopted by one who has time to care for their nails. You will have to pay close attention to it since it is prone to breakage, as the nails grow longer.

To get this shape, mark a spot at the center of your nails and start filing toward that point. File your nails at an angle that is just a little bit off the nail center to leave a flat tip for rounding. After you have created the angles on both sides, file the corners to smoothen the sharp angles into an almond shape.

The Oval

Oval nails

Oval nails

The oval is very attractive for most women’s hands. It not only creates an elegant shape but also flatters both wide and narrow nail beds. Meaning that, women with fat fingers can adopt it to create the illusion of longer nails and slim fingers. The shape is good since it can work for women with short and long nail beds. Moreover, it can add length to nails while maintaining the soft curves of the round shape created.

To achieve this shape, start by filing the sidewalls in a straight manner to ensure they are even. Bear in mind that, getting this shape can be quite difficult since slight imperfections can make your nails look rather imbalanced. After filing the sidewalls, start filing from the side nail toward the top using smooth but arching motions using the file. After that, work your angles on equal sides of the nails and around the free edge to smoothen them into an oval shape. The final look should have the free edge and cuticle well balanced.

What to use to achieve those shapes:

One nail tool to rule them all:

Glass nail file

Glass nail file

Glass nail file can perfectly shape your nails, and keep them healthy. Get them here: www.design-glassware.com

More nail care tools to think of. Which one is better?

In conclusion, the above nails shapes can perfectly fit anyone with fat fingers as they create the illusion of long slim fingers.

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Top 7 nail scissors from Solingen, Timor

Mont Bleu, besides manufacturing glass nail files, holds a range of cosmetic tools, including nail scissors from Timor, Solingen. These German made scissors considered as one of the best quality nail scissors on the market and since Mont Bleu offers only high-quality products, we have putted nail scissors from Solingen to a test.

How we chose the scissors to test

We picked 7 basic nail scissors made by Timor in Solingen, Germany: 37605, 5381, 37651, 5379, 4718, 37607 and 5382. There are more surface finishes, but they do not change the performance, only the look of the scissors.

How we tested

First our volunteer was trying his best to grow nails for as long as he could, four weeks to be precise.

Nails before

Nails before

To make to more clearly for you here is how we evaluated these essential cosmetic tools; there were two people using nail scissors, volunteer and his partner. Tester trimmed his right hand and partner trimmed the left hand of tester. So we count both opinions on several gradation points: “holdability” or comfort of use, cut, and craftsmanship.

Our #1 pick Nail scissors 5381 from Timor, Solingen

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Excellent. They fit both man and women testers hands perfectly, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Excellent. The scissors were trimming nails smoothly without any interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Excellent. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail scissors 5381

Solingen nail scissors 5381

The 5381 nail scissors came out as the only scissors to get only excellent grade from both female and male testers on all categories. They represent everything what makes Solingen nail scissors so loved around the world. They are a comfort to use, they trim the nails perfectly and they look like they were made by a skilled craftsman.

Buy them from here for 24.44$

Alternatively buy a Matt Finish surface option for 18.46$ from here.

The competition

#2 Nail and cuticle scissors 5379

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Excellent. They fit both man and women testers hands perfectly, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Opinions were divided between excelent and medicoure. In general scissors were trimming nails quite smoothly with few interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Excellent. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Nail and cuticle scissors 5379

Nail and cuticle scissors 5379

These scissors got the second place mostly because of smaller female hand, so as advice we would recommend to use on bigger hands.

Buy them from here for 16.77$

#3 Nail scissors 37651

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Good. They fit both man and women testers hands fine, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Good. In general scissors were trimming nails smoothly without visible interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Good and Excellent. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail scissors 37651

Solingen nail scissors 37651

Deserved third place due to different tastes.

Buy them from here for 7.54$

#4 Nails scissors 5382 from Germany

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Good. They fit both man and women testers hands fine, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Good. In general scissors were trimming nails smoothly without visible interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Good. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail scissors 5382

Solingen nail scissors 5382

Fourth place in our table, firm and stable scissors with classic straight blades.

Buy from here for 24.44$

#5 Nail and cuticle scissors 37607

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Good. They fit both man and women testers hands fine, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Good. In general scissors were trimming nails smoothly without visible interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Good. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail and cuticle scissors 37607

Solingen nail and cuticle scissors 37607

Fifth place is taken by good combination if cuticle and nails scissors.

By them from here for 7.54$

#6 Nail scissors 4718 from Timor

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Good and excellent. They fit both man and women testers hands fine, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Mediocre and good. In general scissors were trimming nails smoothly without visible interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, without annoying, jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Good. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail scissors 4817

Solingen nail scissors 4817

These small scissors mostly ment to be hold by fine woman’s hand, that is why some there was difference in opinions.

By them from here for 5.20$

#7 Solingen 37605 nail scissors

“Holdability” or comfort of use: Good . They fit both man and women testers hands fine, providing firm grip, they do no slip out.

Cut: Mediocre . In general scissors were trimming nails good with few interruption or breaks. The nail was smooth enough after the cut, with some jagged edges.

Craftsmanship: Good. Sleek appearance make these scissors worthy of the Solingen craftsmen.

Solingen nail scissors37605

Solingen nail scissors 37605

The last but not the least place is taken by scissors with tight grip.

By them from here for 7.28$

Wrapping it up

Here is the picture of nails after manicure, looks much better isn’t it? Don’t forget to file your nails with a glass nail file after you have trimmed your nails to get rid of any ragged edges and to make sure your nails will be healthy.

Nails after

Nails after

And some practical information about nails scissors made by Solingen, Germany. All of their nail and cuticle scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel, they have different surface finishes such as matte, brushed, chromed and more.

The company was established in 1920, so you can imagine that they have mastered their craftsmanship over the century. Mont Bleu is proud to have these great nail scissors in our product range.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if you want to get any additional information.

Which nail care tool is better?

Recently we decided to test our nail care tools. Do not worry we won’t break them again, we already did that.

Curiosity led us to the question what is faster? Which tool is does it job best? To shorten your nails with scissors, nail clippers or glass nail file?

Let’s the race begin. Welcome the honorable participants of the race.


It took our tester 30 seconds to cut his nail with nail clippers, but he had to use glass nail files to smoothen the edges.

When it our test pilot used pair of scissors, it practically took him just a few seconds, 27 to be precise to cut his nail, but again he had to use a glass nail file to smoothen nail edges.

You all have seen the cartoon “Turbo” about the snail dreaming of F1 races? Well when tester used a glass nail file to shorten the nail it felt like time stood still. It took him 1 min and 39 seconds to get the job done. BUT! There were no need to use any other extra tools to smooth the edges.

Based on the final results we proclaim three winners! Because all of the tools ended up doing their job perfectly.

Do you have other test ideas for us to try?

Nail treatments

A huge range of products are now available in the market to help you both prevent and treat these problems and to provide care for your nails and cuticles. Choose from a variety of products that repair and rejuvenate, plus nail strengtheners, thickeners, growth activators, cleansers, fungus fighters, moisturizers, oils and conditioners. And remember to keep your nail implements clean to prevent bacteria and infection.



Beautiful nails come with proper care and diligent attention, not only to the nail itself but to the cuticles, which provide protection for your nails. Keeping your cuticles healthy with proper trimming and moisturizing will make all the difference in the overall beauty and health of your nails. Over-trimming cuticles is a common mistake; cuticles should be minimally trimmed and well-hydrated in order to properly protect your nails. Brittle nails are a natural part of the aging process, resulting in dry, cracking or splitting nails. For a number of reasons (illness, infection, medications, poor circulation, trauma, frostbite, diet, nutrition, etc.), nails can also become discoloured, flaky, pitted and ridged.

Oils and Moisturisers

Why is moisturizing so important? Cuticles protect the nail from infections and when they are damaged, bacteria and fungi find it much easier to slip past them.
The preparations to combat dry skin are nail creams and lotions that are emollients: these are uniquely substances that are used solely to protect the skin and combat dryness.
Two groups:

  • Softening and moisturizing creams: to retard evaporation of water.
  • Plasticizers and oils: they retain the water inside the nail, preventing the loose.

Cuticle Creams

Cuticle cream is used for moisturizing and softening the layers of dead skin surrounding the fingernails and toenails. It is often applied before a manicure or pedicure, making them more flexible and easier to manipulate during a manicure or pedicure. Overgrown, dry, or ragged cuticles can then be gently pushed back and reshaped. This process both enhances the health of the nails and cuticles and gives the fingers or toes a more pleasing appearance.

Many of the cuticle creams are made up of some combination of vegetable or essential oils (avocado, green tea extract, Shea butter,…), occasionally with vitamins (vitamin E, B5) added for additional benefits to the skin. It is also common for the cream to include citric acid or urea to help the skin absorb it faster. Cuticle creams are safe to apply every day or even multiple times daily.


Cuticle Oils

Cuticle oil is a product to prevent the skin from losing moisture; it will keep the nail from splitting off by keeping it plasticized, they do not add water to the skin and therefore are not hydrating, but they form a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss.  Nail care professionals typically apply cuticle oil as the final step of a standard manicure.

Petroleum Jelly

It keeps your nail polish off of the skin during manicures. Also rub it on and around your nails before applying nail polish, to prevent nail polish from sticking to your cuticles, plus the nail polish also applies better when nail is coated with petroleum jelly.

And the miracle Cuticle Serums

The essential purpose of a Nail Repair Serum is to apply, as an intensive treatment, all the necessary active principles directly to the nails in the form of a Serum for topical use. The beneficial effects become evident much faster and you can note in a remarkable way the complete regeneration of the nail with the gradual disappearance of unwanted abnormalities and the restoration of natural nail growth.

Nail Hardeners / Nail Strengtheners / Nail Fortifiers

Nail hardener (or thickener)

A product applied to the fingernails to make them harder, more resistant to breakage. In addition, it will protect them from further damage.
Nail Hardener is similar to nail polish. It is applied to the nail, where it hardens, like a protective shield. The hardener does not actually penetrate the nail and physically change it; it simply rests on top.
A ‘hardener’ usually contains formaldehyde and draws moisture out of the nail, resulting in harder nails but not stronger. Good for weak, thin, flexible nailsDo Not use it on brittle or very rigid nails. Use on natural nails as a base coat and top coat or alone as a clear gloss finish.

Nail Strengtheners

Our nail plates need to be strong enough to resist the stress we put on them by picking, prying, scratching and clawing. Nail strength is important, but the nail must also be flexible. Flexibility is the ability of a nail plate to bend and absorb a load or impact. If the nail plate didn’t bend, most bumps or bangs would result in cracks, breaks or chips.
Therefore if you have soft nails, look for nail strengtheners, these are formulated to increase the nails flexibility and strength and read the label to be sure that there is no formaldehyde in the product.
A nail strengthener is a clear polish that is applied to thin and brittle nails, which penetrates into the molecular structure of the nail, helping to restore keratin to the nails, and reinforce and enhances hydration, flexibility and strength for thicker, stronger and more resilient nails. Use on natural nails as a base coat and top coat or alone as a clear gloss finish.

Nail Fortifier

Nail “fortifiers” basecoat made with vitamins, proteins and calcium, are meant to infuse the nail with supplements, making it stronger.

Nail Brightener

Nails can look yellow or dull. Nail Brightener is specifically formulated for people who don’t use nail colour but want healthy, natural looking nails. To hydrate and brighten your nails!

Cuticle remover

The skin around some nails can be really thick, tough, and overgrown and they stay that way no matter how much you moisturize them. In those cases, using a cuticle remover is a better option for taking care of them. In general, cuticle remover is best for people who are not comfortable with or don’t know how to cut their cuticles.
Before you apply the cuticle remover, soak your fingers in hot water for a few minutes. After the soaking is done, put some cuticle remover on your finger and apply it on the cuticle area. If the cuticle remover is liquid, it would be good to use a small brush. After applying the cuticle remover on the cuticle area, the cuticles are softened and they can be removed and pushed back most of them just by rubbing the cuticle area.

Fungus fighters

A powerful antibacterial and antioxidant helps prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria. In addition, promotes clear, healthy and well-conditioned nails.

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Summer nails

summer nails

With summer upon us, we all want to be looking our sun kissed best. But what should we be doing with our nails? Here are some top tips to keep you mittens and tootsies looking good all summer long!

1. Mix it up!

For the ultimate summer look, don’t go for boring matching colour on your hands and feet – go for the ultimate mani-pedi combination. Live it up and mix it up. The only thing to bear in mind is to keep the darker colour for your toes, and opt for a less dramatic colour for your hands. Here are our top tips for the perfect combinations:

Red and light blue
Lilac and mint green
Coral and purple
Electric blue and pink

2. Don’t let time (or lack of it) be an excuse!

We’ve all been there – a million things to do and not nearly enough time to fit them all in. But don’t worry, when you don’t have time to get your pedicure, you can fake it. Dip a cotton wool ball or Q tip in nail polish remover and rub it across your toenails to remove any old nail polish or grime. Then massage your entire foot with a little bit of olive oil — you’ll be shiny and beautiful in no time.

3. Keep on top of toenails

You need to buff your toenails as well as your fingernails. We recommend every 4 – 6 weeks to keep them smooth. A good tip is to apply a base coat before your polish – this will prevent your nails from being stained.

4. Keep it natural

Not all bosses appreciate nail art. If you can’t wear the bright colours you want to because of your job, neutral shades will instantly make your nails look well groomed. Barely there shades such will give you a chic look fit for any occasion.

5. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

For the perfect nails, you need to make sure you use a good moisturiser. Nail oils can be fabulous for this and will help you grow lovely strong nails. Apply it before bed every night.

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Toe nail falling off.

Is your toenail falling off? Don’t be scared, we will help.


Let’s be very clear and simple, if you are in pain or discomfort about your toenail falling off, go to a doctor called dermatologist.

If you are still here, probably it’s not that bad. Let’s determine if the nail is falling off due to injury or one of the nail diseases. If it’s a nail disease, it’s probably nail fungus. Follow the link if you know it’s not because of the injury.

If it’s because of the injury, you need to understand that the new nail will grow instead of the old one, it can take several months up to six months, and depending on the nature of the injury, the growing process can repeat.

Self treatment is pretty easy in case it’s was a minor injury:

  • keep your feet clean – because of hygiene
  • change socks often – because of hygiene
  • cut the nail in straight line, so the nail won’t extent over the finger – this will help prevent them from breaking and causing pain.

As an example, my toenail got injured in a paintball game while I was running like crazy, I think my shoes have something to do with this fact, so lesson learned:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Wear shoes suitable for the activity you are doing, whether it’s running or paintball.
I didn’t had any usual symptoms that people associate with nail separation, bleeding, pain, discoloration, collection of the blood. Because of the adrenalin I didn’t feel pain during the game.  But after some time I realized that I hadn’t cut my toenails in a while, so I took a closer look at them.

I found nothing unusual. It was several weeks after when I noticed that I have something in the lunula part (it’s where you see it grow) of the toenail, it was a new nail. I asked people around (family mostly, because you don’t go with your toenail problems to strangers), and as it appeared it was nothing to be afraid off.

Only then I started to notice that my old nail is getting discolored. I was hesitating to go to a doctor, so ended up just waiting and self treating. The new nail was growing very slowly, I was thinking about ripping it off, but after I read a couple articles,

I learned that:
2. Don’t tear or rip off your falling off nail, because it will probably hurt, expose your finger to germs and alike, won’t faster the process that much.
So the solution here is to wait it out and let the nail grow naturally, not forgetting to treat the nail. After some time, and the old nail almost fall off, I noticed that the new nail will probably fall off as well, because another nail is going right after it.
3. If you have a new nail growing, that’s a good thing, because your body knows what to do.

If you hesitate, visit a dermatologist near you.

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Popular nail polish finishes and how they look.

So many names, but still same thing that add finished touch to our nails. Not talking about enormously huge range of colors, chemical production developed so far, I can’t even imagine color possibilities offered currently on the market.

However, nothing stays on its place forever, and since nail lacquer first appearance in China back in 3000 B.A., it has changed a lot. But initial purpose remains; to decorate and protect the nail plate.
nail polish inventionMost nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent (e.g. butyl acetate or ethyl acetate) and either left clear or colored with various pigments.

As mentioned before science develops so quickly, thanks to that we are able to use so called “3 Free” Nail Polishes and “5 Free” Nail Polishes, meaning No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde and No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor respectively.

Most common difference between nail lacquers is types and finishes. It’s more or less clear with types:

  • Gel polish, amazing invention from CND. Lasts at least for two weeks, yet requires manicurist help to apply; using UV lamps and three stages of layering.
  • Vinylux, another CND product. Lasts for one week, without chipping off, requires minimum affords to apply. Such as nail color itself and base hardening coat.
  • Quick drying nail polish, it takes minute or two to dry completely.
  • Base and top coat; one of the most common nail cosmetics, base coat meant to protect nail plate from coloration and allows smooth application of nail color. Top coat seals nail polish, preventing from chipping and getting dull color.
  • Nail hardeners, created as name says to make nail plate harder and stronger. One of the most popular once is made by Sally Hanson.

Let’s move on to the most interesting part, nail polish finishes:

  • Creme Nail Polish

    Creme Nail Polish

    Crème- is one of the most popular finishes known. No glitter, no shimmer, nothing added to it. The finish is glossy and smooth.

  • Jelly Nail Polish

    Jelly Nail Polish

    Jelly- it’s just like a creme, but more jelly-like and extremely glossy.

  • Shimmer Nail Polish

    Shimmer Nail Polish

    Shimmer-it’s colored base with shimmer added to it.

  • Glass Fleck Nail Polish

    Glass Fleck Nail Polish

    Glass Flecked- these polishes look like they contain small glass particles. Creates very smooth, yet sparkly finish.

  • Neon Nail Polish

    Neon Nail Polish

    Neon- Some say it doesn’t belong to finish types, but bright neon colors often dry semi-matte.

  • Frost Nail Polish

    Frost Nail Polish

    Frost- it is a fine shimmery polish with obvious brushstrokes. Can be considered as vintage already.

  • Pearl Nail Polish

    Pearl Nail Polish

    Pearl- Quite similar to frost finish, but has pearly sheen to it, again can be seen in older polishes.

  • Foil Nail Polish

    Foil Nail Polish

    Foil- these nail lacquers often have a metallic base color with very fine glitter added to it and it does look like foil on the nails.

  • Metallic Nail Polish

    Metallic Nail Polish

    Metallic- finishes make your nails appear covered in metal.

  • Glitter Nail Polish

    Glitter Nail Polish

    Glitter- the most flashiest and various type of finishes, glitters are often put in a jelly base. Amount and forms of glitter can vary a lot.

  • Matte Nail Polish

    Matte Nail Polish

    Matte- Completely matte, no shine whatsoever.

  • Satin Nail Polish

    Satin Nail Polish

    Satin- Ends up being matte too, but there is a little hint of gloss.

  • Suede Nail Polish

    Suede Nail Polish

    Suede- suedes are completely matte but contain shimmer, that’s what sets apart from matte.

  • Holographic Nail Polish

    Holographic Nail Polish

    Holographic- holographic nail lacquers contain rainbow colored glitter, which changes color on the reflection of light.

  • Holo Glitter Nail Polish

    Holo Glitter Nail Polish

    Holo glitter- holographic glitter in a different color base, there is no rainbow effect to be seen.

  • Duochrome Nail Polish

    Duochrome Nail Polish

    Duochrome- polishes change color on the reflection of light, often presented in two colors.

  • Iridescent Nail Polish

    Iridescent Nail Polish

    Iridescent- finish is often confused with duochrome or shimmer. An iridescent finish is a color that flashes a different color.

  • Sheer Nail Polish

    Sheer Nail Polish

    Sheer- it’s a half transparent finish, often used in French manicures Many of sheers are salmon, nude or pink, which considered to be office colors.

  • Caviar Nail Polish

    Caviar Nail Polish

    Caviar- name tells for itself, finish is achieved due to small beads applied onto sticky base coat.

  • Textured Nail Polish

    Textured Nail Polish

    Textured- looks like you add sand into your nail polish or you add a lot of bubbles

  • Velvet  Nail Polish

    Velvet Nail Polish

    Velvet- it’s not as smooth as it sounds, looks more like fury nails.

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Sources used:

www.google.com/images, a lot of images 🙂

Healthy feet. How to keep your feet healthy.

An essential part to your day to day well being and comfort, yet something people can often forget about, is maintaining healthy feet. Whether walking, running exercising or even standing still your feet are a vital part of your everyday life and having healthy well cared for feet can help reduce a myriad of potential problems from arising.

Healthy feet

Healthy feet

With twenty six bones and a complex framework of tendons, muscles and ligaments your feet are constantly at work and can fall victim to numerous problems. Cracked skin, fallen arches, ingrown toenails, corns, foot odor, fungal infections and even damaged bones can cause discomfort and reduced mobility.

One of the best ways to keep your feet comfortable and healthy is with a simple regime of daily care that will help your bones, muscles and skin to function properly.

Wash Your Feet Every Day

It might sound simple but even the cleanliest of people can forget to give their feet the proper care and attention when they shower or bathe. Spending a great deal of time in socks and shoes mean that your feet are exposed to a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and washing them daily is the best way to stop the build up of these harmful elements. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy specialist foot wash, just make sure that you give them a thorough soaping, especially between your toes.


Despite advise to keep your feet dry moisturizing your feet every day can prevent dry, cracked or scaly skin. It is especially important if you live in a hot, dry environment and wear sandals frequently. It’s best to use a lotion containing Cocoa Butter, a natural emollient into your feet every single day.

Wear Socks

Not only do socks protect your feet but they are also an important part of keeping your feet dry as they absorb water. Keeping damp and sweat away from your feet helps to prevent the build up of bacteria. They also work as an extra layer to absorb and protect from the impact of walking, reducing blisters and calluses.

Simple and easy steps to follow, don’t you think?

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