How to prevent nail polish bubbling: 6 simple tips

Nail Polish

Recently, I was wondering why these bubbles appear when we apply nail polish or when it dries. Surprisingly, most of the time nail polish has last thing to do with it, most of the times it’s our own fault. So there is little point in looking into your nail polish, and trying to eliminate them from the bottle.

Why nail polish bubbles

Nail Polish Bubbles

Most common reasons:

  • When you shake the nail polish
  • When your nails are dirty, have oil, cream, or other moisture on them
  • When you apply thick coats too fast
Clean Nails

Keep your nails clean

Not widely accepted reasons:

  • Hot, humid or windy space
  • Old, dried nail polish
  • Air got in to the bottle by keeping the lid open

6 simple tips on how to avoid nail bubbling.

Roll nail polish

Roll bottle, don’t shake it

Best 3 tips that most certainly help you prevent nail polish bubbling:

  • As we all know, we have to prepare nails for nail polish, or simply put clean them – remove all the dirt and moisture from your nails, which can be cream or oil leftovers. Wash your hands with soapy warm water and dry the nails properly. Extra tip: use white vinegar or nail polish remover to remove any oily residue.
  • Do you remember what do you do with the bottle before applying? Shaking? Well, this is totally wrong. Turn the bottle upside down and scroll it between palms. Only then, bubbles inside the bottle will blend well.
  • Let the first layer dry or apply thin coats. Both ways are good and you can choose depending on how much time you have for nail polishing.
Applying nail polish

Let the first layer dry or apply thin coats.

Extra 3 tips that will help you prevent nail polish bubbling:

  • Don’t use very old nail polish. If it’s your favorite old time one that you must have, test it before starting to apply.
  • A cool, dry place might work for you. Big fans, high temperature can mix things up, but it’s more of extreme measures, if you are really desperate in getting rid of those bubbles.
  • Use a base coat. But, even you did everything right and yet bubbles still appear; maybe nail polish and base coat simply do not match. Try to using nail polish and base coat from the same brand.
Base and Top Coats

Base and Top Coats

Always remember that the recipe for perfect manicure is healthy nails. Simple rules: use only disinfected manicure tools, moisturize both hands and nails, do not forget about homemade spa procedures, and voila it is done!

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Next thing to keep in mind, your job or hobbies; if you do a lot of typing at work or at your spare time you love to be in the garden ,planting flowers- your nails have to be short as well, constant pressure will definitely damage them.

Third thing to notice, if you have thin fingers you can allow yourself having short manicure, on the other hand if you have short and fat fingers go with longer nails. Don’t forget the nail bed, long nail bed could add some length even to short nails, and oppositely if you have short nail bed, try growing long nails.

Nails totally depend on hands shape too.  Quadrupled nails will only go with long fingers; pointy nails do well with fancy, long, almost transparent fingers. Almond shape is universal one; it goes almost with every hand.

Your nails health also effects shape and length. This and brittle nails could be quadruple or should repeat the nail bed form. Almond shape is suitable for strong nails.

How to shape your nails:

Common rules:

Always hold your nail file slightly angled, it prevents brittleness.  On the side of your nail, leave at least 2 mm of it, let it grow, even it grows a little out, It will prevent crackles and jags.

Always use high-quality manicure tools, always disinfect them before, even if you are the only one who uses them. And finally, you have to switch from emery boards to a proper glass nail file, which will help you to maintain your nails in good shape and health.Never ever forget about nail and cuticle oil after filing your nails always apply it on.

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