Beauty tips: Hair repair and hair moisturizing treatments

Recently I talked about nail care during fall and skin care winter preparations.  I don’t think it is fare to skip hair care during these harsh and cold times. Moisturizing is one of the major beauty rules, therefore don’t forget to drink reasonable amounts of liquids, as for hair care pick specialized treatments. Continue reading

History of unusual women coiffures

I would like to ask women: “How long does it take your hairdo routine?” I assume, in casual morning it takes about 10 minutes and not more than 2 minutes for a man who has short hair. Can you imagine if this process will last all day from dusk till down, and only to get to the fancy club? Well, hard to believe, but there were times when it was pretty common. Moreover in XVIII century in was rather bad manners to have similar hairdo, hair length or even color.
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How to treat you hair during spring and summer

Well spring is almost gone, but in some places around the world it’s still blooming.

Let’s see, what the main hair problems are after cold and unwelcome winter season.

1. Lack of vitamins, which is solved by taking vitamin complex
2. UV damage; solution is to use nourishing and moisturizing shampoos for color save, shampoos and conditioners with UV-protection, no-rinse balms.

Problems during summer season are obvious, things like UV light, sea water, high temperatures all lead to dry, dull and brittle hairs.
Solution is the same as for spring treatments in general, plus always wear hat if it’s too hot.

But, let’s see more detailed ways of treating your hair, during vacation or simply during usual summer.

Sun and sea water always been know as good cosmetologists, but don’t get your hopes up – when “used” improperly they bring more damage than good.

Warning! You might not recognize your perfect hairs, after holidays, well solutions are here, just follow the rules.

1.    Intensive moisturizing
UV light dries out hairs, and lack of moisture leads to brittle dull hair. To prevent these problems, have it as a rule to do a nourishing mask once a week.
For warm season, products with algae, aloe and awapuhi are the best treatment.

2.    Delicate cleansing
If you have normal or dry scalp choose shampoos with neutral pH. Absolute advantage is products with extract and oils from chamomile or lavender.
If you have oily scalp, try more intensive treatments with lemon for example, these will dry your scalp a little and normalize sebaceous glands functions. However this shampoo should consist of moisturizing elements too, only this way you will be able to cleanse your scalp properly not traumatizing hair ends.

3.    Get rid of excess
But shampoo is not the panacea. Particles of sea salt, chlorine and other harmful elements penetrate deep into hair, and constantly destroy its structure.  In order to neutralize such impact, always have as an addition strongly alkaline shampoo. Using it 3-4 times a week, you will provide comfort and health look to your hair. Immediately after deep cleansing use a mask, at this point hairs are most vulnerable to all kind of treatments as well as damages.
Important! More frequent use of shampoo fraught with over drying, know the measures.

4.    Sun protection.
Most of us already used to have a sun screen creams in our purses. Let’s get another good one- use sun protection for hair. In the city conditions, conditioner or stylers with UV filter more than enough.  But as for beach season, don’t forget to take you spay with extra moisturizing and shine adding functions.  Professional products are more preferable in this case- they protect hair not only from UV light, but from sea salt, and also will make combing more easy procedure, and will increase elasticity of your hair.  Renewing protective coat after each swimming is necessity, unfortunately waterproof sprays do not exist.

5.    Packing
You can find a complementary shampoo in every resort hotel, but…what it will be like? So you hair feel comfortable and healthy, do not be lazy and take you hair routine products with you. In fact, you don’t have to put in your luggage huge bottles, most of self-respecting brand have travel size versions of their products.  If you holidays last more than 9-10 days, take your mask aside from shampoo and conditioner.

These are the solutions and tips, you can use at your own without professional help. But you always can use help of professionals to get hair treatments like lamination, ammoniac free coloring, polishing and many others, which can help safe you natural beauty.

As for Mont Bleu, we can help you saving you hair from damaging offering you quality hair brushes decorated with Swarovski crystals with natural fibres. Combing and brushing is an essential and first step to healthy and good looking hairs.

hair brushes with swarovski

Hair brushes or what is good for your hair?!

Let’s talk about hair brushes or hair combs, whatever you call it; it is still essential beauty tool, that everyone uses everyday, well almost everyone.

As far as scientists know by now, people started using combs already 5000 years ago in Persia, and the first patent for modern hair brush was given in 1854.

There are several types of hair brushes: cushion, brush, paddle brush, round brush.

Choosing a hair brush is very personal thing, depending on your hair style, hair type, even hair color sometime.  I myself use three types of brushes: round one for styling while blow drying, paddle brush for brushing after shower, and cushion one with boar bristles for brushing before going to bed, or just simple massage.

oval paddle brush decorated with Swarovski crystals

Mont Bleu has oval paddle brushes made from walnut with boar bristles, and oblong styling brushes with boar bristles too in its assortment, of course all of them decorated with Swarovksi crystals.

You are totally welcome to pick the right hair brush for you hair.