To fish or not to fish?!

It would seem very occasional to have manicure or pedicure, but what if it done by fishes?!  Have you heard of it?
These manicure/pedicure type were invented in Turkey, well now we have it around the globe. How do they do it?

You put your hands or feet into aquarium with garra rufa fishes and start enjoying relaxing massage which fishes do with their scales.

Despite the fact that fishes yet can’t file, cut and polish your nails, they are able to soften your skin, releasing it from dead cells.
Clearly it is very unusual yet very pleasant procedure. Will you go for it? To get a perfect feet?
perfect feet
Well, if the answer whether positive or negative, you still have to finish it with filing, and here we Mont Bleu can help you.
Check out our glass nail files and feet glass nail files

Feet Smoothing Scraper and Toe Glass Nail File

Yes, we do have such thing in our assortment. You wouldn’t think that we forgot about feet.

There are some basic tips to take care of your feet that everyone knows:

-You should not wear tight shoes, makes your feet swell; we all know it’s painful;

– Let your feet breathe, take off your shoes at home, even at working place from time to time;

– Soak your feet in moisturizers/ oils…well that just feels great

– Get your pedicure/massage, even if you scared of getting nicked, try to find a good master, it pays off really quickly ;

And what are we offering to you it is a glass nail file for toes and a smoothing scraper from glass

Smooth surface, easy handling, hygiene, durability all you need to make your feet look gorgeous, plus the final touch for your toe nails- glass nail files for feet.

Get ready for the spring.