How to fit your travel beauty bag into your baggage

It just might sound odd to you, but it’s a problem that I have to deal with every single time I’m packing my luggage.  You know what’s the funniest thing my beauty travel bag increases along with the size of suit case. Say, I’m traveling for a long distance and for a long period of time or it’s a work trip and I don’t need to take anything larger than hand baggage. But despite the size of suitcase my makeup travel bag takes almost half of the given space.  Could you believe it?
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Makeup at the gym. Yay or Nay?

For many of us makeup at the gym sounds as absurd as paddles at the wedding reception. But, as you may notice in your pursuit of six packs you are not the only one who goes to the gym and apparently people like to look “ready-to-go” almost at very hour of the day. Some even can’t think of the situation or place where they can show up without wearing makeup.

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10 most common misbelieves about cosmetics

1.    Misbelieve:  Foundation and powder cause clogging of pores.

Modern foundations have nothing in common with thick dough like products from 1960’s. Modern foundations, tints contain fibres based on silicon, which creates elastic net on the skin, that allows skin to breath, but at the same time protect from external irritation. And powder particles are so small, that they don’t cause any clogged pores, moreover skin self-cleaning process if constant.

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Everyday face and skin care routine

I want to share it, because I think skin care is the basics, to have a beautiful glowing skin.
Of course depending on skin type, personal preferences, medical restriction facial treatments vary, especially when beauty industry has so many things to offer.

But, despite your skin type, every girl should have essentials like: something to wash your face with (lotion cleanser, tonic); any type of scrub or peeling, whether it acne stop, or simple apricot scrub; night moisturizer and daily wear cream.

Although I don’t use dramatically different moisturizing gel from this set, I have strange allergic tendencies on Clinique creams, but so far it is the best set for cleansing my face.  I use set for third type of skin, which is combination to oily.

From time to time, 2-3 times a week I use apricot peeling from Alverede and blackhead scrub from Garnier. If you don’t have time to get your facial done in salon regularly these kinds of products are best solution.

As a night treatment I use Advance Night Repair complex from Estee Lauder, it is a best treatment if you preventing first signs of aging and you want to boost your skin during the night. And as for moisturizer I use repairing night cream from Yes to carrots, organic product, not heavy, not too oily perfect treatment for the night.

And last but not the least, my day cream. Recently I discovered this great cream DayWear from Estee Lauder with SPF15 it has great smell of cucumbers and texture. As it says on the cover and in every ads, skin will be perfectly hydrated and powerfully protected, I have to say it is true 🙂

Although Mont Bleu does not produce any creams and cleansers, we do produce cosmetic accessories, which will be an additional help to create and support your beauty.

P.S. What is your face care routine?

What do men say about cosmetics?

Situations from life, gladly not mine 🙂

Recently I went out from the cosmetic shop, in good mood and all happy wearing Clarins Instant Light lip gloss.
I saucily asked my boyfriend: “what do you think?”  Well, I was confused by the answer:
“Like you had a butter chicken”
I’m very sensitive, since then never wearied a lip gloss.

Situation; had my hairs washed and put a mask ( the one you don’t need to wash out) what do I heard from beloved husband:
-what is this smell?
-do you like it*? (*playfully)
-hm, I don’t know it smells like a clean toilet.

My boyfriend once told me that Chanel Chance smells like fried potatoes; as a result I don’t have any bottle of Chanel anymore.

Used a violet mascara- “cool looks good with your dark under eye circles”.

Had a compliment last night- “you have wonderful hairdo, looks like pasta”.

I remember my step-father believed that famous Opium perfume smell like degraded corpse.

Well, men can say whatever they want, but we know, they don’t like dingy women.
And as company that cares, Mont Bleu offers different cosmetic tools.

How to store cosmetics?

If you want your beauty products serve their best, you have to storage them right. We have simple, but working advises.

First of all, we suggest you to keep your products in certain logic order (as far as possible for ladies) – so you won’t spend precious time looking for needed thing. And also, perish forbid, not to scatter or break your favorite shadow pallet or expensive perfume bottle. For these purposes you can use different boxes, baskets sorting things considering their expire date or how often you use them.

For keeping products the you use often more than others, it’s very handily to use special cosmetic organizers, bags, and beauty–cases, sizes and variations totally depend on the amount of cosmetic you own.

Secondly, it is also important to remember about places you keep cosmetics in. Products like decorative cosmetics on fat base, creams and perfumes are very sensitive to external factors, thus you have to keep them away from direct sunlight, and also low temperatures are dangerous to the ingredient products consist of.

Usually, producers put the information about storage conditions, expire date on the product package, it is very important to follow that rules; otherwise decayed products could seriously damage your skin; including irritations, rash and any other allergic reactions.

Basic shelf life expirations for different types of products are: dry products like powder, shadows, blushes, pigment and glitters can be kept without any restriction for 2-3 years, mainly because they consist of talc, very durable and stable material.

Products like make up, lip sticks, eye and lip pencils, gloss, eye mascara, creams, serums, masks contain animal fat or vegetable oils, these are very exposed to air, sun, warmness, that is why have to be kept in dark cold place during 3-6 month, in some cases year, but not more.

Nail polishes have to be kept in dark cold place not for more than two years, since production date. Make sure that cap is always tightly closed; from time to time clean the neck bottle from polish left over.

Next important rule is cleaning and right keeping of accessories like make up brushes, sponges and puffs. Not only the product color stays on them, but also ingredients, and some of them could became hotbed of bacterias.

Brushes from synthetic fibres have to be cleaned each time after using with simple antibacterial soap, from natural fibres as well as powder puff with mild shampoo and disinfection spay. And don’t forget to wash out under the water, shampoo can irritate the skin.

Don’t forget to properly dry them, vertically with the fibres pointing down, or horizontally. If you prefer to use sponges for your makeup or liquid blush, it is better to use it only once.

Forth and important rule of keeping beauty products, it is a customization. All fat containing products should be kept in fridge, and for daily use you can crate mini-version using empty palettes and small plastic bottles.

And the last, but not the least rule it is your own vigilance. If you noticed any changes in unexpired products- it is time to be aware. Don’t give a second chance to the products gone badly due to wrong storage conditions.

And as additional information, check out Mont Bleu cosmetic accessories.