How to make a gift or How to gift a gift in a proper way? (part 3)

Today, there is a shot list of good gifts and bad presents. Of course there are many occasion that you could possibly talk about, like, for example, Weddings, Mother’s Days, and Baby Showers. What I wanted to say, always remember to make a gift with a smile on your face and with real positive feelings, it is only then gift is truly meaningful.
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See how easily you can find the right bracelet clasp

There are so many types of bracelet clasps available in the world of jewelry. Some are used for their primary function to clasp, some others designed as a complement to the bracelet. It is very important to consider bracelet clasp, before purchasing it.

And now after small research I know a lot more about clasps and I’m ready to share what I know about most common bracelets clasps.

Toggle clasp very popular in home-based beading.  But on my opinion, and as well as on my friends’ this clasp is not secure, especially if you are an active person. Lucky if you find you bracelet, well most of the time you don’t.  I would say its better goes with necklaces, with heavy beads on it, so the weight pulling down will keep clasp close, but doesn’t go with much lighter bracelets, that move and spin around your arm.

bracelets toggle clasp
Magnetic clasp– this one is least secure. Sometimes magnetic part could attach itself to any metal around, you won’t notice it, but when you will, bracelet will somewhere else, but not on your arm. Moreover, people with pacemakers are not suggested to wear bracelets with magnetic clasps. But, it is still recommended to use magnetic clasp on light weight pieces of jewelry.

bracelets magnetic clasp

Lobster clasp or spring ring clasp– the most popular and one of the safest clasps in the jewelry world. You have to push the level to open or close your clasp. Well, sometimes the bottom ring of the spring clasp can be weak so it breaks, but on very tiny pieces of jewelry.  The main difference between these clasps is the shape, mechanism reminds the same.

Fold over clasp– called the most secure clasp, mainly used on watches, but looks good on bracelets too. The top half of this type of clasp is pushed down until it snaps over the bottom half. So, even if you are a super active person, there is a little chance to loose it.

Of course considering the fact that jewelry world expands, creates and invents something new everyday, I must say, that I know not that much about clasps. 🙂

Mont Bleu uses lobster clasp and fold over clasp on bracelets with Swarovski crystals produced. We choose only the safest clasps, so our clients can be sure in bracelets, like in any other products we have.