Popular nail polish finishes and how they look.

So many names, but still same thing that add finished touch to our nails. Not talking about enormously huge range of colors, chemical production developed so far, I can’t even imagine color possibilities offered currently on the market.

However, nothing stays on its place forever, and since nail lacquer first appearance in China back in 3000 B.A., it has changed a lot. But initial purpose remains; to decorate and protect the nail plate.
nail polish inventionMost nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent (e.g. butyl acetate or ethyl acetate) and either left clear or colored with various pigments.

As mentioned before science develops so quickly, thanks to that we are able to use so called “3 Free” Nail Polishes and “5 Free” Nail Polishes, meaning No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde and No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor respectively.

Most common difference between nail lacquers is types and finishes. It’s more or less clear with types:

  • Gel polish, amazing invention from CND. Lasts at least for two weeks, yet requires manicurist help to apply; using UV lamps and three stages of layering.
  • Vinylux, another CND product. Lasts for one week, without chipping off, requires minimum affords to apply. Such as nail color itself and base hardening coat.
  • Quick drying nail polish, it takes minute or two to dry completely.
  • Base and top coat; one of the most common nail cosmetics, base coat meant to protect nail plate from coloration and allows smooth application of nail color. Top coat seals nail polish, preventing from chipping and getting dull color.
  • Nail hardeners, created as name says to make nail plate harder and stronger. One of the most popular once is made by Sally Hanson.

Let’s move on to the most interesting part, nail polish finishes:

  • Creme Nail Polish

    Creme Nail Polish

    Crème- is one of the most popular finishes known. No glitter, no shimmer, nothing added to it. The finish is glossy and smooth.

  • Jelly Nail Polish

    Jelly Nail Polish

    Jelly- it’s just like a creme, but more jelly-like and extremely glossy.

  • Shimmer Nail Polish

    Shimmer Nail Polish

    Shimmer-it’s colored base with shimmer added to it.

  • Glass Fleck Nail Polish

    Glass Fleck Nail Polish

    Glass Flecked- these polishes look like they contain small glass particles. Creates very smooth, yet sparkly finish.

  • Neon Nail Polish

    Neon Nail Polish

    Neon- Some say it doesn’t belong to finish types, but bright neon colors often dry semi-matte.

  • Frost Nail Polish

    Frost Nail Polish

    Frost- it is a fine shimmery polish with obvious brushstrokes. Can be considered as vintage already.

  • Pearl Nail Polish

    Pearl Nail Polish

    Pearl- Quite similar to frost finish, but has pearly sheen to it, again can be seen in older polishes.

  • Foil Nail Polish

    Foil Nail Polish

    Foil- these nail lacquers often have a metallic base color with very fine glitter added to it and it does look like foil on the nails.

  • Metallic Nail Polish

    Metallic Nail Polish

    Metallic- finishes make your nails appear covered in metal.

  • Glitter Nail Polish

    Glitter Nail Polish

    Glitter- the most flashiest and various type of finishes, glitters are often put in a jelly base. Amount and forms of glitter can vary a lot.

  • Matte Nail Polish

    Matte Nail Polish

    Matte- Completely matte, no shine whatsoever.

  • Satin Nail Polish

    Satin Nail Polish

    Satin- Ends up being matte too, but there is a little hint of gloss.

  • Suede Nail Polish

    Suede Nail Polish

    Suede- suedes are completely matte but contain shimmer, that’s what sets apart from matte.

  • Holographic Nail Polish

    Holographic Nail Polish

    Holographic- holographic nail lacquers contain rainbow colored glitter, which changes color on the reflection of light.

  • Holo Glitter Nail Polish

    Holo Glitter Nail Polish

    Holo glitter- holographic glitter in a different color base, there is no rainbow effect to be seen.

  • Duochrome Nail Polish

    Duochrome Nail Polish

    Duochrome- polishes change color on the reflection of light, often presented in two colors.

  • Iridescent Nail Polish

    Iridescent Nail Polish

    Iridescent- finish is often confused with duochrome or shimmer. An iridescent finish is a color that flashes a different color.

  • Sheer Nail Polish

    Sheer Nail Polish

    Sheer- it’s a half transparent finish, often used in French manicures Many of sheers are salmon, nude or pink, which considered to be office colors.

  • Caviar Nail Polish

    Caviar Nail Polish

    Caviar- name tells for itself, finish is achieved due to small beads applied onto sticky base coat.

  • Textured Nail Polish

    Textured Nail Polish

    Textured- looks like you add sand into your nail polish or you add a lot of bubbles

  • Velvet  Nail Polish

    Velvet Nail Polish

    Velvet- it’s not as smooth as it sounds, looks more like fury nails.

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