Nail Fungus

One of unpleasant things which could happen to your nails called fungus. Yes, it is more of a private issue but as they say “in for a penny, in for a pound” and since we decide to talk about all possible aspects of nail care, we have to mention fungal diseases too.

As you understand the following images could be disturbing.


Causes of nail fungus

Causes of nail fungus (Tinea unguim) are mycotic infections, which easily transfer from one individual to another. Most of the time people in one family exposed to infection, through shared footwear, towels or some other home stuff. The same infection rate appears in public places like saunas, gyms, swimming pools.

Nail fungus is very “tough” infection, and eventually contaminates all nail parts destroying it and infecting other nails or even skin. Nail fungus is a source of invasion of other body parts. Even you if treat all nidus of fungus on feet skin, it might occur again if nidus of infection left in the nails.
As the nail fungus spreads deep into your nail, it causes nails discolor, thicken and as following crumbling and destroyed nails. Fungus makes nails white, grey, yellow, brown, sometimes black and even green. Nail plate itself becomes opaque, because of fungus under it. Sometime disease could also pair with unpleasant odor, which is also could be sign of coming problems.

Possible consequences

There are a lot of unwanted consequences of untreated nail fungus, thus you have to careful at first. Always try to wear your own slipper in public shower, swimming pool at the places where you are mostly exposing to the contamination. If some of your relatives, friends, roommates with whom you use same home stuff are infected use precaution methods too.

But if, you unfortunately got infected, don’t waste your time trying folk remedies such as Listerine and vinegar mixture, go you your dermatologist. Only lab tests and prescription drugs will help you.

Identifying various types of nail fungus

Here is the table that will help you to identify fungal type, but as mentioned before get the professional help and use this table (courtesy of for your guidance only.


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