How to recover your nails after extensions

As you probably already know, I prefer natural nails rather than nail extensions.  It doesn’t even matter whether it’s gel or acrylic extensions, it’s just don’t come along with me. However I have to admit, I have done it twice in my life, both occasions were weddings (mine and my sister’s).  But I’m not the only woman on Earth; therefore a lot of nail salons and nail beauticians offer various types of nail decoration.  But what to do once you remove those? How to recover your nails after extensions?

Your natural nails covered with the layers of gel or acryl lose not only their look, but also become thin and weak.  The thing is that, our nails stop producing protective keratin layer.

So, what do we do?

Surely, we can use services offered in nails salons. Special procedure called nail sealing. They actually polish your nails with special ingredients which seal your nail scales between each other.  As a result you get shiny nails and painless recovery.

Other way to get your nails recovered is to apply biogel layers; treatment helps to protect your nails.

If you are more of DIY person, there are some ways too.

First and very important thing to do, it’s to constantly shorten your nails using nail scissors.  There is no way you will grow them back immediately, no one needs thin and brittle nails.

Also you can buy special treatments such as nail polishes. Some of them have to  be applied in the morning and removed in the evening every day, some have to stay on the nails for five days. There are treatments that you can’t use no longer than two weeks.

Or you can make your recovery mixture yourself using natural ingredients. Nail baths with sea salt are very helpful; you can add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and any aroma oil you like. Soak your hands for 15 minutes, and finish procedure with gentle massage using olive or almond oil for better results.

These were some basics advices, you may want to try, but as I always say in pursuit of beauty…keep your natural nails.

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  1. I also prefer everything natural in woman!
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