Types of Makeup Brushes

There are so many types of makeup brushes, so the amateur cosmetic lovers might get frustrated.
Sometimes, you buy a lot of them, but at the end you don’t know why you have three eye shadow brushes.

Since Mont Blue has assortment of make up brushes, I decided to describe at least most common types of them.

Let’s start from powder brushes these are usually the biggest and fluffiest ones, have many bristles to pick up powder. They dust makeup powder evenly and loosely across the skin.

decorated with Swaorvski crystals

Blush – there are two types of blush brushes, one has an angled edge meant more for contouring your blush or sometimes it called bronzer, so you apply bronze right onto your cheeks, and the other a round edge.
makeup brush decorated with Swarovski crystals

Foundation brush is good for pressed, loose, compact or liquid foundation. These brushes are designed to create a flawless and soft finish without the look of being caked on.
Foundation brushes have long, flat bristles that are tapered at the ends, allowing for accurate and precise application of foundation or concealer, depending on the size of it.

makeup brush decorates with Swarovski crystals
Eyeshadow brushes usually small and come in huge variety of shapes.

Eye shadow blenders– this brush is designed to fit right into the crease of the eye, so you can apply your eyeshadow evenly on your eyelid.
Eye shader, primer brush or just classic large eyeshadow brush – is larger than your typical eye shadow brush.  This brush helps to apply the base color to your eye area evenly and smoothly.
Liner brush– flat angled brush creates a perfect line around eye lid, to bring more dramatic look to your eyes. You can use it dry or wet, depending on the intensity you trying to achieve, IMHO the most needed brush 🙂

makeup brushed decorated with Swarovski crystals
Lip brush– this brush allows you to use less lipstick or more but also you can soften the line of your lip liner, blending it right into the lipstick.
makeup brush decorated with Swarovski crystals

Don’t forget to wash your brushes regularly, I mentioned that in my earlier post about cosmetic storage.
Despite the fact of owning high quality brushes, let’s not forget that inner beauty is more important.

Brushes presented on the pictures are made from high quality natural hair. If you want to know the details, please don’t hesitate to see our web page.

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