Smokers-new minority with violated rights

No smoking sign

As an occasional smoker myself, I don’t mind all these new laws, about prohibited public smoking.

Everyone knows smoking is bad, smoking is harmful, smoking is dangerously sticky habit, and in many countries the most vulnerable and exposed group to this habit are children.  We don’t want that, that is why in some countries soon cigarettes will be selling from under the counter, and the pack will be soon plain with no colors, so not to attract unnecessary attention.  No smoking in the pubs, no smoking in the gardens, sometimes no smoking in you very own car. All of this is reasonable, but.

But recently, I started feeling that smokers in most of developed countries became social culls, due to all restrictions.  What if person has this habit for along time, what to do? We know it is addiction to fight, and it is not an easy path. So why do humiliate?

Well, anyway it’s just my thoughts. Despite restrictions, smokers do have small joys, like for example electronic cigarettes or beautiful lighters or even pocket ashtrays. Mont Bleu has a huge assortment of smoking accessories decorated with Swarovski crystals, and gladly presents you new designs of pocket ashtrays, available in different colors.

pocket ashtray decorated with Swarovski crystals

Let’s keep our smoke to ourselves.

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