Living breathing key ring?!

Breaking news from Beijing, recently new souvenir appeared on the market: key rings with living turtles. In order to make a key ring turtle is being put into hermetic plastic package- and here it is new key rings.
Obviously these kinds of good couldn’t stay unnoticed from the animal right organizations.  They call it animal cruelty.

Reportedly from “New Beijing” newspaper, reporters found these goods selling in front of Beijing hospital; so far they sell a lot of key rings on hermetic packages with small animals like turtles, fishes and frogs.

Those traders assure, that in hermetic plastic bags there is nutritious liquid and compressed oxygen. In which turtles are able to live up to three month, whether upon if you set turtles free they will be still able to live- so say sellers.

According to one of sellers, living key rings is a good deal, one cost about 5 Yuan (76 cents), in few hours you can sell about 300 pieces.

Businessman Den, a wholesale seller says: “the wholesale price is 2,5 Yuan (38 cents), but you can’t buy a lot, cause turtles can live only 2-3 days” About nutritious liquid and pressed oxygen, he never heard of such thing in this business.

The head of regional IFAW, claimed that selling this animal key rings- is an act of animal abuse.”Chinese turtles and fishes” web-page owner, said if this package is hermetic as it is and it has nutritious liquid, oxygen will stay only for 17 hours. So turtles will die within two days.

It is possible to buy key rings with animals in front of metro exits.

Campaigners for humanistic treatment of animals are facing serious problems, because in China exist and work laws only about wild fauna. Till the promotion of new laws, activists have only one choice, to convince people not to buy these key rings.

Interesting fact, among who actually buy key rings- a lot of people intentionally buying key rings, to set those animals free.

Well we can assure you, the key rings from Mont Bleu company were produced without any animal abuse act, and or products were never tested on animals.

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