Holiday Gift Guide

Say no more, here it comes my first Holiday Gift Guide.  Or I would rather call it gift recommendations.  Christmas gifts, New Year gifts all holiday shopping could really become a chore, if you don’t know where to start.

Remember, your gift always have to be meant. Nothing says “I don’t know you very well” like a gift card. Avoid clichés. Here is a little help: I picked up five of our products, so you will find it easy to get a Christmas gift for her.

Glass nail file set. Thousand times yes, if you get one of the sets Mont Bleu offers you will nail it. Fabulous and practical gift at the same time.
Manicure set. She travels a lot; she likes things to be neat, with a little drop of sparkle? Well, here you go.
Costume Jewelry. Hm, this just seems tricky, but don’t worry; simply pick a matching colors and voila she is ready for her next va va voom night wearing your gift. Compact mirrors. Simple, elegant, gorgeous, so practical- you will hear all of these words when she gets the present.
Smoking accessories. Like it or not but some of us smoke. And we like things to be pretty. Swarovski crystals and lighter, very nice gift I should say.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Everybody.

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One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Thanks for the post, now I know what to present to my smoker girlfriend. Already found one lighter on the eshop mentioned.

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