Another perspective on gifts

We were talking a lot about what to give as present, discussed many options, occasions and so on.
Well, here is the thing, I actually never though about recipients themselves. After small online surfing I found many  gift shops, that offer bunch of gift ideas, starting from paper sticker and ending with luxurious car (who buys THAT online?!).

That lead to thoughts, what would like person to get as present?  I myself, like useful presents, sometimes being total juvenile I ask for exact presents. Why? Because I like things to be used. I don’t like things like smoking mittens, or boob pillow, or “funny” t-shirt which I could never wear outside, unless I run out of all clean clothes.
So, I guess I’m not only the one like this in this world.

And what I’m trying to say, that actually Mont Bleu gift assortment is useful, you can actually use it. Moreover, all of gifts are decorated with Swarovski crystals, so you get a pretty nice gift too.
Crystalized gifts

Good luck in your search.

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