10 Essential Facts about Compact Mirrors from Mont Bleu

Giovanni Bellini women with a mirrorAccording to history and also anthropological evidence, glass mirrors have been in use since the Neolithic period. The first mirrors were made of obsidian glass but as the science of how to make the images much clearer improves, so does the embellishments that encapsulate them.



Just as it is unclear when mirrors were first used, no one can exactly tell when pocket or compact mirrors were first crafted. Some records, however, show that pocket mirrors were already popular in the Parisian society during the Renaissance.

Their popularity stemmed from the people’s obsession to look at themselves and check how they look anytime, anywhere. As King Louis XIV became obsessed with mirrors with intricately designed frames, compact mirrors followed suit.

King Louis XIV

King Louis XIV

This is also the path Mont Bleu takes as it offers beautifully designed pocket mirrors perfect for personal use or a wonderful gift for that special woman. If you want to know more about them, here are a few facts about Mont Bleu compact mirrors.

1. They come in plastic and metal.

Mont Bleu compacts are made of high quality plastic materials and premium metal. With intricately unique designs and precise craftsmanship, both are lightweight and small enough to fit in your purse.

2. They are decorated with Swarovski.

Yes, they are delicately decorated by the world-famous Swarovski crystals making it more than just your ordinary compact mirror. Each colored stone is carefully set to create beautiful patterns that range from the simple to the complex. Find them here.

3. They have animal prints.

If you don’t like the colorful crystals but want to connect with the animal in you, Mont Bleu also has animal print compact mirrors. Each design reflects your unique personality. For the fierce, independent, and sexy woman, a pocket mirror with lion print is the perfect gift. For the delicate, feminine woman, a pink-colored, bird-printed compact is a good choice. Find them here.

4. They come in different colors.

Most of the mirrors come in shiny silver encasements but there are also two other color variations – matte and dark – if you don’t like metallic colors.

5. And different shapes, too.

Round pocket mirrors are nice, but it is more fun if there are other shapes as well. So if you prefer square pocket mirrors, Mont Bleu also has them as well without compromising design and quality.

6. They’re more than just compact mirrors.

These mirrors are not just additional items in your collection or just plain mirrors. Our mirrors are perfect when paired with our nail and cuticle tools, such as clippers and tweezers.

Beauty Tools

7. They are inspired by nature.

The designs – from the sun to the butterflies – are clearly inspired by nature. Your mirror reminds you of the things you see every day but are made even more beautiful by combining intricacy and quality in the design and details.

Compact mirrors

Compact mirrors

8. They can be an accessory or souvenir.

You can have them personalized as a luxurious give-away during weddings and other occasions. The work spent to create these hand-made designs will surely impress anyone who receives them. We can also custom-make your compact mirror as a souvenir representing a city or a famous landmark. Contact us to get a quote.

9. They come in standard and magnifying.

All compacts are two-sided – standard and magnifying so that you’ll be able to have a better look at each angle of your face when using it. The magnifying mirror is great when applying your eyeliner or covering blemishes.

10. They’re priced reasonably.

The best thing about Mont Bleu compacts is that they are reasonably priced. You can get your mirror for as low as 4.99 euros and up to 75 euros depending on the design and performance.

Where to buy Mont Bleu compact mirrors:

Design Glassware

Lux E-shop

Wholesale customers should send us an email to sales@montbleu.eu or use our contact form here.

Sources: “Lipari-Obsidienne (5)” by Ji-ElleIt, “Giovanni Bellini 018” by Giovanni Bellini, “Louis XIV of France” – http://commons.wikimedia.org/

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