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Gone are the days where just a bit of nail polish would do the trick: nail decoration does not end with the nail polish, it goes far beyond, Nail Art Jewellery is taking positions and the magazine girls, we know who THEY ARE, THEY LOVE IT! Let´s face it…NAIL JEWELLERY ROCKS! The amazing thing about this, it is that you can do it at home and you do not have to be extremely skilled for it.


Why Swarovski? Because they are simply the best crystals in the world. The quality and the beauty of Swarovski crystals cannot be beaten. Amazing designs can be done with Swarovski crystals and gems also, giving this sparkling touch to your nails and with a little effort.

Swarovski nail art

You will need:

  • Genuine Swarovski crystals
  • Nail Art Tweezers
  • 1 Clear Gel Bond / Nail Glue

The steps:

  1. Apply your nail polish smoothly. Prevent ridges or bumps by shaking the polish bottle before use. This is an important step.
  2. Let your fresh polished nails dry completely. You cannot put the jewels on with wet nails.
  3. Gently pick up the jewel with tweezers. Fix every crystal or gem individually to the nail plate using a gel bond.
  4. Push the jewel with the tip of something sharp. Make sure it sticks.
  5. Apply a top coat. You will find this helps them not fall off.


Nail Art Jewellery Charms

Offering effortless and unique style for your nails. Now we want big, bold and bright nails and 3D nail art is perfect for this: a real style punch for your manicure fashion. Sophisticated 3D Jewellery Charms will ensure that you never have a dull look to your nails ever again, thanks to some of the trendiest and most fashionable designs on the market.
The charms can be applied to the coloured nail polish base coat of your choice to give an extra level of unique style to your fingertips. So simple to apply with nail glue and even easier to enjoy, you’ll get a dazzling look.


Nail Piercing Jewelry

The ’80s saw the use of nail drills becoming common when working with acrylic nails (adapted from dental, hobby and jewellery drills, remember Madonna and her golden tooth?). Fibreglass was the newest wrap system and nail charms and gold nails began to decorate some clients’ hands, and nail art finally made it to the United States, and now… now is back!

Nail Dangles are commonly known as nail piercings, but they can also be “clip on”, so no piercing will be involved. Nail art dangles are a really quick and easy way to create interest on natural nails – they range from really elaborate designs to simpler dangles. They can be easily applied and can even be used on shorter nails.

You will need:

Nail Art Charms Tools

  • A. Nail Art Tweezers
  • B. Nail Piercer
  • C. Rhinestone Picker Pencil
  • D. Post Cutter
  • E. Nuts for a charm
  • Dangle or a Charm
  • At least one nail with at least 5mm of free edge (that’s the white tip of your nail).

Nail dangle jewelry

The steps:

  1. Before you start: Prepare nails first. Apply a base coat, nail varnish and top coat and any nail art you intent to use. There are two reasons for this: firstly, it’s a little tricky to varnish around a dangle and secondly, it will strengthen the nail that is going to carry the piercing.
  2. Get your nail piercer ready:  To use the tool, unscrew the two parts of the handle to release the drill. Screw the top of the handle onto the screw thread to leave the drill exposed.
  3. Get steady: Place the free edge of the nail onto a flat surface – the drill may pierce this surface. A cork-backed drinks coaster makes the ideal surface. You need to have at least 5mm of free edge available. The nail needs to be pierced at approximately 2 to 3mm from the free edge and  you need to be able to do this comfortably without hurting the finger.
  4. Drill: drill slowly through the selected point of the free edge turning the drill clockwise until it pierces the nail.  Remove the drill from the hole by turning anticlockwise.
  5. Insert the dangle: this is where a small pair of pliers will come in handy! Open the jump ring (this is a small metal loop that can be opened and shut – there should be one at the base of your dangle and a couple of spares in the packet). Thread the jump ring through the hole that you’ve made and thread the dangle onto the ring. Use your pliers to close the ring firmly. And….That’s it!


Fingernail jewelry nail ring

Recently the nail art trend has gone one step further as celebrities have been spotted wearing “nail jewellery”. Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian have all been seen showing off their sparkly fingertips with extreme nail guards which add a whole new dimension to the nails.

Go beyond traditional nail art and slide on these rings made especially for the tip of your finger. There are some dramatic designs, such as the rhinestone embellished claw-shaped nail rings but there are some more subtle options for the more reserved. But there are really gorgeous ones online that would definitely add an ornamental edge to your manicure.

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