How to wear Costume Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry some of us get confused, I mean sometime we have jewelry boxes full of shiny rings, earrings and yet we say “I have no things to match”.

Actually, this phrase comes along not only with jewelry box; we say that while opening our wardrobe or entering closet.  However I still believe it’s much easier to mix and match blue jeans with orange shoes, than a proper necklace or bracelet. I’m 100% convinced that someone who has talent to do it right is a genius.

See, the fact is if you wear only golden or platinum and even silver jewelry it’s always easy, you can’t go wrong in this direction…they always much at least the color as an opposed to bijoux. Green, purple, shiny, feathery…enormous variations of accessories to help creating desired look.

I think everyone should follow some basic rules, but trendsetters and young fashionistas recommend ignoring rules.

Here some advices, which I actually try to keep in mind when wearing jewelry:

  • if you wearing any sort of plastic costume jewelry do not combine it with any real jewelry
  • if your costume jewelry costs more than apartment on 5th avenue, well leave it that way, don’t add anything else
  • if you prefer simple stud earrings (love them) you can keep your wedding ring

Tell me, do you follow any rules or you just simply leave to your good taste and intuition?

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