How to make a gift or How to gift a gift in a proper way? (part 3)

Today, there is a shot list of good gifts and bad presents. Of course there are many occasion that you could possibly talk about, like, for example, Weddings, Mother’s Days, and Baby Showers. What I wanted to say, always remember to make a gift with a smile on your face and with real positive feelings, it is only then gift is truly meaningful.

Appropriate gifts for different occasion

Official gifts: flowers, whether in the pot or bouquet; good wine, crystal goods, candies in the box.

Closet and accessories: bag, scarf, home slipper, man shirt, gloves, socks, belts, stockings, glassware, kerchiefs.

Gourmets: cakes, good tea, coffee, cacao, chocolate, oranges, home-made jams.

For smokers: one block of cigarettes that person prefers, lighters, ashtrays or cigars.

For foreign guest: traditional local gifts, local drinks, album with pieces of art, records or musical CDs.

Jewelry: natural or artificial: cufflinks, necklaces, clips, bracelets, or brooches. But, don’t forget all jewelry pieces have to be trendy.

Living gifts (prior to agreement with future owner): puppy, kitten, gold fish or Siamese cat.

Cosmetics: perfume, original shaving cream, compacts, bath salts, bag for cosmetics. Actually any proper gift for her would do.

Useful gifts in household: iron in travel size, cattle, tablecloth with matching napkins, elegant grocery bag.

Miscellaneous: album for stamps, high quality pen, wallet (with at least a dime in it), quality letter paper, barometer, compass, vase, small various things for the car, some useful sport or touristic equipment.

Thing that are not meant to be gift

Items that could associate with sickness or diseases, like for example thermometer are better left from being gift.  Underwear is good present among family members, or close friends.

Good to remember, some items as gifts are connected with superstitions. Handkerchiefs are signs of fights and tears, сarnations will not bring you luck on love, usually people have different level of sensitivity, so some of them might simply dislike what you brought to them as a gift.

However, what ever it takes from you, accept any gift with a smile on your face.

What to gift to a person who has “everything”?

Well, if I can so, find long-term use things. But, also you could gift “temporary use” items. For man- good spirits, for woman- sweets, but always something fancy and beautifully wrapped.

The recipient should thank the giver and unwrap the present. Flowers have to be put in vase with water. Very impolite behavior as recipient put gift away without even looking at it. Given present shouldn’t be criticize, as they say “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

The giver should take care to wrap the gift beautifully and present it appropriately. Seems a lot of work for a gift, but it is socially appropriate and considered taboo if not followed.

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