How to boost your mood.

It’s almost end of the March, and yet some of us may still feel blue and have terrible mood swings. This happens a lot, even your humble narrator still wearing Anny nail polish in “Secret Love” color, aside from the charming name, it’s actually quite boring and non-spring color.  So, how do we boost our mood?

There are several options, and surely you can choose any road you want, depending on your needs and motivation.

Let’s start from motivation, I don’t know how many of you are actually got the real spring weather and sunshine. Well, because sun is the best motivator to change things. So, if you are living somewhere where you still have snow covering everything around, you should start wearing some bright colors.

Whether it’s lipstick or nail varnish, blush or even hair pin; believe me once you have made at least one change you will start feeling spring, despite the boring landscape outside.

Actually that rule above, applies to all of us, doesn’t matter where we do live. There so many beautiful spring collections of makeup and nail polish.

For those of us, who is already enjoying spring temperatures, but somehow forgot to change their outfits, please do so. Bright shoes, scarves, skirts, handbags even some bright costume jewelry.

Well, now we all dressed up and makeuped (sorry for that) shall we go for grocery shopping? You don’t have to take a big shopping bag; the best mood boosting food is lemon.

You can get fresh lemons and end up doing home-made lemon curd or you can squeeze a glass of fresh lemonade or you can get yourself half of dozen of lemon macaroons.  But don’t get too excited about deserts, we don’t want to waste weeks of exercising and dieting. 🙂

Ha, almost forget to mention old and proven way to feel better- shopping.  A lot of online shops offer great spring sales, don’t miss a good bargain.

And what things would you suggest to do, to boost your mood?

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One thought on “How to boost your mood.

  1. best mood boosting method is doing something active! And better in cooperation with someone, eg friends.

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