Which nail care tool is better?

Recently we decided to test our nail care tools. Do not worry we won’t break them again, we already did that.

Curiosity led us to the question what is faster? Which tool is does it job best? To shorten your nails with scissors, nail clippers or glass nail file?

Let’s the race begin. Welcome the honorable participants of the race.


It took our tester 30 seconds to cut his nail with nail clippers, but he had to use glass nail files to smoothen the edges.

When it our test pilot used pair of scissors, it practically took him just a few seconds, 27 to be precise to cut his nail, but again he had to use a glass nail file to smoothen nail edges.

You all have seen the cartoon “Turbo” about the snail dreaming of F1 races? Well when tester used a glass nail file to shorten the nail it felt like time stood still. It took him 1 min and 39 seconds to get the job done. BUT! There were no need to use any other extra tools to smooth the edges.

Based on the final results we proclaim three winners! Because all of the tools ended up doing their job perfectly.

Do you have other test ideas for us to try?

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