What do you need for manicure?

There are so many tools for manicure and pedicure, you can choose and try from. However some of them are the basics you should have and use.

The most important thing before starting manicure, create comfortable atmosphere and prepare things you will need in advance.
So, what do you need?

  • Chair or sofa, good lightning, towels, trash bin (small container), bowl for manicure where you will be soaking your hands, antibacterial soap.
  • Small tray; you can put on it nail polish remover, cuticle remover, sanitizer, cuticle oil, nail polish base…different creams and your favorite nail lacquers.

And of course good mood, inspiring ideas and firm hands.

Ah, and don’t forget never file wet nails. Always file your nail in one direction from the tip to the nail base. Do not press to hard, and always use crystal nail file.

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