Travel Tips- Getting ready for holidays

Following May holiday’s traditional vacation season comes – summer. Some choose visiting historical and romantic places; some prefer beaches, sun, seas and oceans. But everybody often even being far away from home wants to look like a million dollars. You must agree, it’s much easier to take with you not a big suitcase with your entire beauty arsenal, but special additions of travel size versions of most necessary products.

Most practical version of your treatments are beauty-sets. Usually, these are cosmetics in compact packages, combined in special face, body and hair treatment frame. Of course you can make your travel- size miniatures on your own, which answer your individual needs.

Here is one simple smart tip, what to have in your travel kit for your nails. At least one nail polish has to be in that set- what if party or date? Yellow bold color is very trendy for summer season, plus it’s cheerful and appropriate for summer colors and shades. For the cuticle treatment one of the best recommendations is a Solar Oil form CND.  It won’t take much place, but will perfectly soften a skin. It consists of composition of sweet almond, rise bran, jojoba and vitamin E.

And as for special nail treatment Mont Bleu has to offer travel size glass nail files and glass nail files in hard cases.

PS,  you can buy all of our products online here.

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