Top ten gifts for women

While browsing through internet I found several topics about what are the most wanted gifts for the Holiday season of 2011-2012.

Believe or not, but we as a women are quite modest when we want something, and to be honest we also have similar thinking. So after finishing reading a lot of articles from men’s magazines, blogs and occasional opinions, I made a list. I may agree or disagree with it, but I think at least it is helpful.

If it’s a diary it has to be some leather one and in bold, yet muted. There is a huge offer on the market.Scarves, I should say: “Never enough”. Pashmina, organic cotton, silk, polyester, multicolored, privted, red or freshly minty; this list has no end.
And it’s so nice to have a cozy and warm gift.Gadgets, well, apparently not only boys like different hi-tech novelties.  Ipad and Ipad cases become dream gift for many of us. Elegant, cute and pink, or glamorous diva all of this styles can describe a simple Ipad case.Talking about leather goods, also we are desperate about high-quality, functional, stylish bag, surely from well-known brand.Sometimes instead we have inquiries about shoes; same mentioned above qualities apply when you, our dearest gentlemen pick us a pair of boots.I have to mention how much we love the beauty gifts:  limited editions of pallets, lipsticks, nail polishes or bath sets will totally overjoy us.Which Holiday gift can be called it without a lingerie gift, whether it’s Christmas collection from Victoria’s Secrets or last seductive sets from Agent Provocateur, well, bring it on, you won’t regret any minute of your time spent to find a right size and color.As a matter of fact, women also love reading, so please go ahead and you can get us fiction, limited editions of someone’s biography or any book from Taschen publishing house.Jewelry, in my opinion despite all the things a mentioned above jewelry is still on the top of any women wish list. We like inexcusably expensive rings from Cartier, we love last collection of charms from Tiffany. Basically we love everything that suits us, doesn’t have to be that overpriced.  If man could find something sophisticated, stylish and yet for the reasonable price, no woman would mind getting such gift, which comes from the bottom of the heart.Here is one more gift as research said we want this year too: iRobot. Smart, small and efficient cleaning device that let us to have more free time. Time which we (women) can use to gratitude you (men) for such thoughtful gift idea.So, this list makes me think that Mont Bleu Bijoux and Costume Jewelry falls under one of the most wanted items under the Christmas tree, however I was thinking to add one more thing to the list; glass nail files. Quite original and not so common, you may want to try being more unique our dearest men.

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