Things you always buy or your beauty habits

Think twice before you purchase something new for your skin, hands, nails or hair; to be honest I’m afraid to. Not to think, to choose and to spend endless hours trying to figure out why this cream is not as good as your favorite magazine or blogger said so.  As a result I’m repurchasing same products for quite long time.

Here are my top 7 tried and approved beauty products.

  • L’occitane shea butter hand cream; you can call it love from first touch. I’m positive that I would never stop using it and why should I.  Not greasy cream that moisturizes hands immediately plus has wonderful smell.
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nail; I don’t use it as base or top coat, because most of the time I don’t wear any nail polish. “The original nail clinic in a bottle” along with glass nail file helps prevent chipping, cracking and splitting.
  • L’occitane Marseille soaps; always buy these wonderful bars for hand washing. Soft skin and great scent what else do you need?

  • Johnson’s baby oil; I know there are stories about it’s dangerous ingredients and so on, but I still use it after shower, sometimes I mix it with body lotion.
  • Clinique 3- step skin care system; in my opinion it’s most controversial skin care product on the market.  There are fans and haters, I belong to the fans with small exception I don’t use third step, I prefer other moisturizers.
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme in black; I don’t exactly know how many tubes if this mascara I already used, but I have to mention that mascara is my most used and always need-new-one item.  It gives the right volume and length plus it has thick formula (I prefer heavy layers on eyes rather than bright lips).
  • Dior J’adore ; It’s my addiction forever and I’m not even trying to change it. Perfect scent and different variations of perfume allow me forget about perfume shopping, leaving time for shoe shopping 🙂

What about you? What’s you favs?

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