Personal care essentials

Today I will talk about beauty essentials with our younger readers and followers; who are taking their first steps into the world of beauty and cosmetics.
Once we realize that simple face washing and tooth brushing is not enough to feel more beautiful and confident, us, girls usually starts using a lot of stuff, even without knowing purposes.  Let’s not make these mistakes, and see what you really need for the beginning.

Facial cleanser-to remove your makeup
Tonic– for face cleansing
Cotton pads
Night cream– choose according to your skin type
Daily moisturizer– again always keep in mind your skin typeTweezers– for shaping your brows
Compact mirror
Two linen wipes– for massages and diy spa proceduresHair comb
Hair brush– choose one with natural bristles Toothbrush– no need to explain why it is must-have 🙂
ToothpasteShower gel or soap– it’s up to you which to use
Exfoliating mitts– best way to keep skin renewed
Loofah on stick– after washing your back, you can remove it from the stick and wash whole body Nail polish
Nail polish removerDeodorant antiperspirantFoot deodorant
Scraper or foot nail file– to clean your soles
Foot scrub
Foot creamMakeup must-haves: powder, blush, lipstick, brow pencil, mascara and eyeshadows
Perfume Pictures used in this post are for guidance only, except Mont Bleu products.

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2 thoughts on “Personal care essentials

  1. Not sure to which age group this post is dedicated to, but I think that mentioned methods and treatments are not for 13-16 year old girls:

    Facial cleanser
    Cotton pads
    Night cream
    Daily moisturizer etc.

    Sound a little old-fashioned, but girls of this age can use some nail polish and lipstick as maximum.

    • Well, at some point you might be right, but on the other hand it’s much better if you give some advices, from the beginning.

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