Nail shapes.

As it always been said that your nails are one of your best accessories, they could speak to your entire appearance. Therefore it’s just as important to find the most flattering nail shape for your nails as it is the perfect color. There are no strict rules on which shape to wear, but there are essential steps to follow, if you want to have finished flawless look.

First step is to choose a nail file that is right for you; the main difference between nail files is the grit – the lower the number, the rougher the grit. If you have natural nail use crystal nail file. As some say, “It just takes longer time to file acrylic or gel nails with crystal nail file”.

Next step would be clipping or cutting your nails if you want to change the length, after this one you are ready to file. File your nails  from the outside of the nail towards the center of the nail — going from each side inward, but not going back and forth.  One more important thing to remember- do not file wet nails, let them completely dry.

When it comes to nail shapes, it’s hard to say what is best, it’s like picking hair color or outfit. Totally depends on one’s taste. But there are basic shapes that you could go with:

Nail shapes

  • Oval shape mostly looks great on any hands, and yet you might find this shape most flattering if you have shorter/wider fingers. In order to get this shape file the tip of the nail into egg shape and file away all edges.
  • Squoval it’s probably one of the awkward words ever, but  it so popular because it’s less prone catching on clothing, which is the main cause of nail breaking. This style looks great on any finger, although it could look better on longer fingers with narrow nails.
  • Square is classic and easy to maintain shape, which look great paired with famous French manicure. But I would strongly recommend to avoid this shape if you have shorter nails and fingers. The square shape could enhance shortness.
  • Rounded shape is great. The main reason is its utility, if you can’t have long nail at work, go with rounded shape. Simple the best nail shape ever, it goes with practically any nails and fingers types.
  • Almond/Pointed one of trends of latest fashion seasons, a lot of female singers had this nail shape on their finger. Add some gorgeous, bold and shiny color and Voila you are the queen of the day or night. However there is biggest disadvantage- nail can easily break.

But as I mentioned before there are no hard rules and you can pick anything you would like to have on your nails, plus there is whole another thing called acrylic/gel nails shape. And when it comes to shape those nails, well, there are no limits.

crazy nail shape

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