My favorite hand care treatments for reasonable price

I’ve been telling myself that I should do my manicure more often, that I should treat my hands better. As they say, that eyes are mirror of the soul, so hands are age reflectors. You may have a facial, neck, eye lift, but unfortunately nothing to lift on your hands. I think on every woman’s toiletry there are some favorite creams, balms and scrubs.

Well, here is mine Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret hand balm and Rituals Hand Therapy scrub:

I think I bought this set by chance, I use their candles at home. Assistant offered me to try it first and I liked the smell and effect.  As it says in annotation ginkgo can strengthened blood vessels, and is especially good for dry skin and since then, can’t find anything better for my hands and by the way for nails too, though I have a small tube of Kamill classic hand and nail crème, in my bag:

Let’s hope that my hands will look at least how they look now in ten years.

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