Looking for promotional ideas?

Glass nail files

Did you know that event marketing is still a major discipline that accelerates and deepens relationships with target audiences?

Not only personal contacts, e-mails and contacts bring a successful partnership, but also a simple giveaway from your company. That’s not me talking, that what recent marketing survey showed.

Whether you need a promotional product for an upcoming trade show, or a promotional item for a corporate holiday gift, Mont Bleu has everything to meet your needs.

With our range of promotional products including glass nail files, compact mirrors, key rings and key chains, which is also could be seen as eco-friendly promotional products, we have the perfect solution for you!

Several technologies that we use during creation of your logotypes, allows us to make impossible things. Sand-blasting, offset printing, decoration with Swarovski crystals and 3D labels all of these could be mixed as well.

Browse through our selection here; feel free to ask any questions.

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