Length and shape of the nails- how to find the right one?

For a long time length and shape of the nails was symbolizing owners’ social status.  Thus, Chinese royalty had nails about 13 centimeters long, emphasizing the fact of doing nothing by hands, meaning they had servants or slaves.  Eventually awkward traditions came to Europe as well.  Inhabitants of Versailles castle had only one long nail on their pinky, due to etiquette, people were not allowed to knock on the door, and you had to scratch it, to get inside chambers those times.

In England in the beginning of XIX century, latest trend was to have almond shaped nails with pointy ends. And in the middle of XX century, when artificial nails became possible all the women around the world dreamed of having incredibly long nails. But, as we know fashion never stays on one place for too longs, in 80th we had to make them a little shorter, and as for 90th, well, we could say we were bare nails.

As for today, we are free to choose nail shape and length, that feet our individuality. It is not that much of importance, if those are short or long, quadruped or almond shaped, main thins is to be in harmony with whole total image of us.
So, how to actually find a right length and shape, and don’t miss it?

Firstly, find out how strong is your nail plate? If you have brittle and easy breaking nails, don’t go far beyond your finger tips.

Next thing to keep in mind, your job or hobbies; if you do a lot of typing at work or at your spare time you love to be in the garden ,planting flowers- your nails have to be short as well, constant pressure will definitely damage them.

Third thing to notice, if you have thin fingers you can allow yourself having short manicure, on the other hand if you have short and fat fingers go with longer nails. Don’t forget the nail bed, long nail bed could add some length even to short nails, and oppositely if you have short nail bed, try growing long nails.

Nails totally depend on hands shape too.  Quadrupled nails will only go with long fingers; pointy nails do well with fancy, long, almost transparent fingers. Almond shape is universal one; it goes almost with every hand.

Your nails health also effects shape and length. This and brittle nails could be quadruple or should repeat the nail bed form. Almond shape is suitable for strong nails.

How to shape your nails:

Common rules:

Always hold your nail file slightly angled, it prevents brittleness.  On the side of your nail, leave at least 2 mm of it, let it grow, even it grows a little out, It will prevent crackles and jags.

Always use high-quality manicure tools, always disinfect them before, even if you are the only one who uses them. And finally, you have to switch from emery boards to a proper glass nail file, which will help you to maintain your nails in good shape and health.Never ever forget about nail and cuticle oil after filing your nails always apply it on.

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