Japanese Pedicure

Today I want to talk about foot. To be exact, about Japanese pedicure.  Japanese pedicure is not just a cosmetic procedure, it also therapeutic. Your skin gets smoother, all the small crackles get treatment, as well as nail plate, and everything including calluses is healed. Besides it has rejuvenating effect on foot skin, moisturizing, nourishing and toning it.

Japanese pedicure implies a whole complex of procedures, which create desirable result. Japanese pedicure can be called multi stage procedure, where each step is important.

At the beginning, they swill your foot with water, afterward disinfecting it with special solution. Cuticle line gets it shape with the help of tatiban stick; they use only natural materials during the manicure, so you will probably get your nails shaped by foot nail file made from glass, or ceramic ones. The most incredible thing about Japanese pedicure is that your nail breathes with the help of cream based on cucumber. Mineral based cuticle cream and gel-scrub for nails are the last steps of first stage.

Next stage involves foot bath, and again cuticle treatment, all the nail impurities are removed by rice polish bar. Mineral paste used during the Japanese manicure, also used during the pedicure, using the calfskin bar paste is applied onto your nail. The next part is nail and nail plate sealing with powder based on bee wax.
To slow down cuticle grow, lotus oil is applied. Calluses and hard-skin on your toes will be treated by cream based on tangerine essential oils, and scrub based on lemon oil.

During the last stage foot mask with Asian herbs and foot massage is obligatory, leaving your foot healthy, smooth and ready to go.

It may seem pretty simple, but as far as I know, well performed Japanese pedicure following all the formalities last for about three hour, and bring unforgettable experience as well as results.

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