How to take care of glass nail files.

Seems a simple thing to do, but so far some people do not know how to keep a glass nail file in good condition.

So, there are several rules to apply, most of them just a common sense.

–    Try to wash you glass nail files, at least once per week.  It’s like disinfecting your beauty tools; you can use same solution or water, well if you have some infrared lamp that could work too.
–    If you carrying your glass nail file in your bag, at least put it in the original velvet sleeve as a holder. First it will prevent glass nail file from “dirt” and unexpected break (you have to understand woman’s purse is dangerous place full of surprises) 🙂
    If you have children at home do not let them play or use glass nail files without supervision, even if it has child protection as oval shaped end. Kids are quite unpredictable, who knows what will be child’s next move. Glass nail files are safe to use, however made of GLASS.
    Animals could get hurt too, playing with manicure tools, including glass nail files. So be sure you didn’t leave it on some place that your pet can reach.
    Unless you are testing breaking limits of your glass nail files, really try not to drop it on the tile floor.  You probably seen the video, where we proved that only original Czech glass nail files do not break even in extreme conditions, but as you know there is a always a small chance that your glass nail file might not handle tile floor well.

Not that hard, isn’t it?  Remember to stay cool headed in your pursuit of beauty.

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