How to remove calluses?

Callus is always something we don’t want have or experience. First of all, how does it appear? What are the causes? Right- the main reason is uncomfortable shoes. Solution comes right away- get yourself a good pair of shoes.

There are two types of calluses: wet and dry. Dry one tends to appear on the most rubbing places. if it did appear try to remove it on your own. First of all make a feet bath in this proportions 1:1 meaning water and baking soda. After you soak your feet for a while, remove remaining with glass foot scraper- it’s safest modern callus remover pedicure tool.

If you have an old callus, better to go and see the doctor, because sometime you can confuse it with plantar wart.

Wet calluses look like bubbles. Never ever do not pin it yourself, most probably you get yourself infected. In case it blew, immediately cleanse it and apply sanitizing batch.

These are tips to solve the problem, but as always you can simply prevent calluses using some helpful advices.

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