How to Get and Keep Sexy Summer Legs – Care and Pedicure Tips

During the summer our lovely legs and feet are twice stressed; firstly, hot weather and lack of liquids lead to discomfort and water retention; secondly wearing high heels all the time causes negative effect on spinal column, therefore comes this feeling of heaviness and even pain.

To make leg’s life easier you can use special treatments based on natural products, consisting of essential oils of min, eucalyptus or cypress well know for their cooling and freshening qualities.

For example, lotion Energizing Emulsion from Clarins improves blood circulation in leg vessels and immediately relieves tension due to essential oils of citruses, sage, cypress, peppermint and witch hazel.

And calming foot cream Foot Relief from green brand Aveda consists of lavender and rosemary essential oils, commonly known for cooling, moisturizing and healing features.

Sure enough, our legs and feet need moisturizing and nourishing that is why you have to choose products, which support water balance in the skin.  For extreme dry skin use freshening feet balm from Refreshing Foot Balm Foot Care produced by Neutrogena and  regenerative and rejuvenating Foot Beauty Treatment Cream by Clarins with shea butter, arnica, thyme and  Laponite Powder.

Even if summer dress code allows you not to wear stockings, but you don’t feel comfortable without any, I can recommend new, moisturizing and toning cream with the effect of “invisible pantyhose” from Venus.

Or if you would like to follow the trend and have shimmering skin on legs, ideal solution is Bathina balm from Benefit with nice creamy texture and soft aroma. By the way, it could go instead of stockings too, its pinky tone corrects imperfections.

Main thing in any pedicure by the analogy with manicure is correct and safe skin preparation. It has to be cleaned, softened, disinfected, usually warm bath used for these needs, plus softened cuticle removes more quick and easy.

Professional use term maceration, and ideal product for this process even DIY procedure is special soft no foam powder from CND called Raw Earth Clean Effervescent Bath based on calendula, grape fruit, sandal wood, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

After nice and useful relaxing bath, you need to take care of smoothing and moisturizing your feet skin. Use cream-scrub Byrelax by Byly, apply it on wet feet and with massaging moves remove callosity and hard skin, you will get the result very quickly due to cream’s formula with particles of pumice.

In case you don’t like scrub’s texture, for the same purposes you can use gel Callus Eraser by Orly, consisting of carnation oils, aloe Vera, vitamins A and E I it, this cream has antiseptic and healing qualities. Also for callus removing Mont Bleu recommends use of glass scraper, instead of pumice, due to several reasons; scraper is more gentle and effective.

Well, and of course any pedicure won’t have finish look without effect nails- say bright colored. Choose from nail polishes that you like- it will not just look good on your nails, but also boosts your mood for whole day. But before, don’t forget to use glass nail files from Mont Bleu, specially made series for feet. No more brittle nails, no more cut skin- foot glass nail files are solution.

And if you want to wear your nail polish longer, don’t forget to use base coat, actually Resurface Base Coat by Sparitual does its job pretty well.

Enjoy the summer.

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