How many glass nail files do you need?

Have you ever thought how many of nail care tools you need? And how many of them you do actually use?
I am not talking about different nail and cuticle oil, orange sticks and masks and hand gloves. I am talking about nail files, well in our case about glass nail files.

So here we go, counting:
1.    You need a small glass nail file in your purse or bag, so you can use it in emergency situations; outside, at office and so on.
2.    Glass nail file of standard size at home in your bath drawer or on the dressing table.

3.    Big glass nail files to use on your toes; long handle and harder surface will be a great help at DIY pedicure. 4.    Glass scarpers; do not forget about your foot either. Scraper removes hard skin and calluses without damaging skin on your soles. 5.     Glass nail file in your travel manicure set; you do not want to travel without essential tools.And as a result of our counting we ended up having five glass nail files. As for me it is a good and reasonable number of nail care tools to own. And what do you think?

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