History of nail polish

It is today when we even don’t think about how to get our nails colored. It’s simple, or we go to the salon to get our nails done and colored, or we just simply buy a bottle of nail polish and do it ourselves.

But long time ago, colored nails represent social status in some ancient civilizations. Egyptian royalty choose the red color as distinctive, women of lower ranks were allowed to use only pale colors.
Chinese used mashed flowers such as roses, orchids and impatiens combined with alum to get a range of color starting from nude pink to crimson.
Some of the people of Central American ancient civilizations used drawings symbolizing tribes they belong to. But, unfortunately there is now evident proof of it nowadays.

When age of industrialization came, women used to tinted their nails with scented red oil and polish them. There were special pastes for polishing; well of course some used clear glossy varnish applying it with camel brush.  Polishing was the most popular way to get your nails done until the invention of automobile paint, which inspired a creation of colored nail enamels and we started color our nail as never before. But that is whole another story.

Mont Bleu doesn’t sell or produce nail polishes, but what we sell and produce is a glass nail files, using them you can get a finish look to your modern manicure.

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