Hand care tips for winter.

It’s so hard to be full of energy during the winter, and sometimes it is even harder to make yourself do something with yourself. Sorry for rambling. Actually, this laziness is a cause of the spring horror called “winter consequences”.

During the winter, Mother Nature can really wreak havoc on a dry skin, especially hand skin.  Well, it’s because when temperature drops, we have to either wear gloves or expose hands to the cold-windy things going around, which eventually leads to crackly, red palms and cuticles. So,  what are we going to do to keep our “high-fivers” in good shape?

So to keep the well moisturized and nourished good cream is not enough. Spoil your hand with spa-like experience in special bath.Use the deep bowl to mix 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of honey based hand cream, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and some hot water; mix well. Leave your hands in the bowl for about 10-13 minutes, after the procedure remove remains with tissue and relax.

Try not to skip morning “hand-cream” applying procedure. Apply cream before going out, some sort of “winter” cream, a lot of brands offer rich moisturizing seasonal creams. it will protect your hands from cold and wind.

SOS! Splitting nails!    During the winter somehow this problem becomes an issue.  So, here is the deal: 1 tablespoon of salt and half lemon juice. Carefully apply this mixture onto nails every morning and evening for the length of one month, rinse with cold water.  You will see healthy nails as a result.

Well, and if you really care about your nails, please use high-quality and always disinfected manicure tools. That includes glass nail files as a proven tool that prevents nail brittleness.

Enjoy the white snow and keep yourself warm and beautiful.

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