DIY skin care and not so much discoveries.

Everyone have their own secrets when it comes to skin care. Some use olive oil as panacea from everything, some use whatever fridge offers.  But when it comes to me, till this weekend I didn’t have any, sadly but mostly because of my laziness.  Well, once in a while every one had to scream “Eureka”- that was me last night after long and relaxing bath.
My bath or rather after bath routine is very simple I usually apply some body lotion or body oil. But, you know what it was never satisfactory. Oil was to oily, lotion was never enough to moisturize driest parts.   So, I decided to mix the oil and lotion, surprisingly my no-so-much-DIY body mixture worked.

I used simple Johnson Baby oil ( I know many of you will think I’m crazy to use it, because it’s full of bad things)  and L’Occitane Almond Milk Veil .  As a result I ended up having moisturized, soft and very smooth skin. Can’t believe I never tried before mixing things, do you think I missed a lot?

Next discovery was also very surprising, I have a feeling you may think I’m dumb.  Everyone knows Vaseline; about month ago I purchased a jar of petroleum jelly, because everyone around including fellow bloggers kept say how wonderful Vaseline is for your lips. Well, it was the biggest disappointment, I even started to use it as a hand cream…well, was too sticky too oily and I didn’t like the smell.  The story is, that after using my glass foot file (also called glass scraper) I applied just a tiny amount of Vaseline onto my feet and heels.

You can imagine how happy I was, when I realized I don’t have to try and test incredibly amounts of worthless feet creams, all I needed was simple Vaseline.

And I thought I must share my discoveries with you, by the way, do you have anything to share?

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