DIY manicure, common mistakes and how to avoid them?

A lot of women make some mistakes while taking care of their nails, which leads to unpleasant consequences.

All of us want the same; that our nails and hands would look healthy and great, well sometimes results are disappointing.  Let’s revise some most common mistakes, which we should avoid if we want our hands to be perfect.

First of all forget about metal aka sapphire nail files. I would say this is the most popular mistake. Brittle nails, slow growth and uneven plate- all of these are the causes of use metal nail files.  There is one more important thing to remember,  the surface of nail files, usually  varies from soft to hard (professional ones used for artificial nails).  The survey and a lot of people’s reviews proved that glass nail files have the ideal surface for safe filing; moreover glass nail files not only file, shorten and shape your nails, they also seal the nail ends to prevent brittleness.
Don’t file wet nails, like for example after nourishing bath.  Though if you need to shorten them using scissors or nail clippers, don’t if your nails are dry.  Just right before procedure put your hands into warm water. It will prevent nails from breaking.

If you want to polish your nails removing impurities, you could use the hardest surface of polishing bar, but don’t overdo it either.  Regular polishing of nails makes them weak.  If you have impurities on a constant base, find the cause (diseases, lack of vitamins).

Always use disinfection before and after using your nail care tools, even if you are the only one who uses them.  Otherwise you may cause a cuticle infection.
Well, and the last but not the least rule to keep in mind: manicure is once per week procedure. Often filing, cuticle removing will cause lines on the nail plate.

As I always say, know your measures in pursuit of beauty.

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