Children safe nail files

Hi everyone, you were probably wondering where is the promised post about mystery peeling , well I was a little out of schedule, so please bear with me.  I would have told about this procedure, which by the way I’ve successfully done, but recently I was contacted by one of our as it appeared later customers. She was asking about lead content.   See, the thing is that I have never been asked such questions, so I was a little unprepared.

An awkward pause lasted just for a half of a minute, it took me that much to realize the woman was actually asking about safety of our glass nail files.

After small research and little update from our production department I can tell you that our nail files do not have any lead. During our production process we use lead-free glass.

Glass nail files made from lead free crystal glass are totally safe to use on your babies nails, as I know it’s pretty tough thing to do.

Actually I’m glad that I found out new and useful information about nail files I’ve been talking and blogging about for couple years. Hope you will find it useful too.

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