Baby nails

The most precious and loved person in the world would be a child. All young parents face situation when they actually do not know how to shorten their child’s nails.

Well, frustration and confusion are quite reasonable feelings at this point, can you imagine tiny tine baby hands and even smaller nails.

Most of the parents are terrified even of thought cutting their baby’s nails or even worse hurting them.  But you have to shorten baby’s nails because they have little control over their hands and could scratch themselves.

Some of parents do the nail-trimming task with a partner: one holding the baby preventing baby form squirming and the other person is trimming the nails.  In any case, before starting to trim make sure, you and your baby in a comfortable position and nothing is distracting.

As for tools, nursery advisers, baby shops offer bunch of safe and cute nail trimming goodies:

Baby nail scissors; have rounded tips for safety

Baby nail scissors

Baby nail scissors

Easy to use if you are experienced or fearless parent.

Baby glass nail files; no cutting, no blood, no fear.

Small glass nail file

Small glass nail file

Nail shortening will be as easy as piece of cake.

Baby nail clippers; have also safety measures such as rounded edges.

Baby nail clipper

Baby nail clipper

In my opinion one of the most “sophisticated” tools to handle with.

To be honest choosing nail care tool for your baby it’s a matter of preferences, there is no right or wrong choice, as  long as you and your child feel comfortable using one or another tool.

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